Styling Idea # 210 Velvet, Prints & Mirrors in Hallway- Oh My


I am not really writing this today- hopefully I am relaxing by the beach enjoying a long breakfast in Noosa when this arrives!

But to thank you for checking in here is something to remember…

Lonny Magazine


  • Sometimes if you go way out it can be totally worth it!
  • Take this for example- not need for restraint – more prints, more velvet (in green) and mirrors…it creates an incredible light reflecting texture paradise.
  • Remember, I have said this before your entrance is not the place in your house where you live so it can be a little OTT (or a lot) AND it is the place that sets the tone for the whole house- make it worth it. Say- WELCOME!
  • The key here is the mirrored console- a must to create the reflect aspect of this entrance and stop the closed in feeling that would ordinarily be generated by the high prints on the opposite wall.
  • A very clever styling execution indeed. Minimalist need not apply

3 Comments to “Styling Idea # 210 Velvet, Prints & Mirrors in Hallway- Oh My”

  1. I want that chair!

  2. I want that chair! And I know of just a hallway that needs some of this action xx

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