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June 20, 2011

Styling Idea # 215 Dark Green


On the weekend I saw the White Guard- a play currently showing in Sydney with Miranda Otto. It was a pleasure to watch Australia’s other great Miranda in action and hold her own as the only female in cast of almost 20 men. If you are into all things theater it was worth it. One of my favourite elements of this polished Andrew Upton production was the set production. An early 1917 apartment in Ukraine was ironically verging on all things in vogue for interiors at the moment- minimalist lines,  mismatched fabrics, mismatched Windsors and spindle back chairs and a cane love seat to die for.

I was absolutely in love with the colour green they choose for the wall for the set.

Try as I might I couldn’t find this exactly in an interior shot worth sharing- but we enjoy Camilla’s beauty at the same time we admire the colour.

Camilla Belle for HQ Magazine


  • Paint all the walls and add white.
  • Even consider the set from the play – green 3/4 up the wall with white above a picture rail
  • Gold, bronze and brass please- no silver here
  • If you are a bit scared simply paint a piece of furniture in this gorgeous green- a table, side table or an armoire