Styling Idea # 236 Wallpaper and Chair Match


Moving. Really. Honestly?

Who invented all of this STUFF that I bought and now need to carry from one place to the next? Am I sure I need that charger for batteries that no longer powers anything, or that mini Black Cab given as a gift when I left London, or that suitcase with the broken wheel, or Grazia from 5 months ago? And why, do I ask, did I ever buy that t-shirt, that handbag, that bra and that extra bottle of moisturizer that I hate but never manager to throw out because I harbour hopes of lathering up every night. WOW! ……. We buy too many things people.

However, there is nothing like the process of moving to make us buy more. Really, after you have come face to face with the explosion of all things unnecessary and un-useful in your life why after the move is it a really good idea to buy…a camera tripod and a mortar and pestle! Yep…that was me this weekend. Little Miss Stuff who decided she couldn’t live without more stuff.

Kinda makes you wanna look at something like this doesn’t? One chair, one table, 2 books. Arrhhhh so not fussy!

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