Styling Idea # 230 Opened Cupboard


If you live in Sydney I highly recommend a trip to Remnant House if you are looking for cushions. This treasure chest of fabric remnants is a much better way to create cushions. Grab fabrics that would be hundreds of dollars by the meter and create your own cushions galore! The staff are helpful and the prices are very reasonable- which is more than I can say for Orson & Blake. When is someone going to stand up and tell them to shove their terrible service and snobbish ways- seriously Sydney, the store is not that good and they are woeful!

In other news- I am looking at solutions for my new room and storage- ultimately life takes up space and I don’t have any storage! I have cupboards at the low end of the ceiling- awesome for boxes- terrible for accessing anything you actually use. Whatever it is it might involve some on display shelving- wonder if I can be this organised?

This Pretty Space


  • Use pretty boxes to store little items that cannot be neatly stowed
  • Keep your shoes in tip top shape by using suede sprays and leather lotions- don’t let your investment be squashed on the bottom of a pile
  • Hang coats together and shirts together to balance to space.
  • Crazy prints that my look good on may not be the best for the space- have on display the colours you want and that suit!
  • Don’t use any wire coat hangers. Ever

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