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July 21, 2011

Styling Idea # 234 Black Chair White Desk


I am taking a photography course as you may well know and seriously it is so inspiring. It would be such a luxury to walk around all day and wait for inspiration to strike however I am the kinda person who is always thinking…..”I wish I had my camera now!” when I don’t take it and when I take it out and about there is never anything to shoot!

Interior images never fail to inspire me for the ability to capture light and mood!

Few do it better than the photographers favored by Emma on Emma’s Blog…always fresh and always capturing the sunlight effortlessly like the human eyes does naturally.

Emma's Blog


  • I must say I really was taken with this simple idea- clean white desk- heavy masculine leather chair. Brilliant!
  • Add feminine lamp for clash of bakelite lamp for retro cool.
  • Contrast the simple black and white palette by placing this over a Persian rug and style with an indoor plant potted from the floor.