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August 31, 2011

Styling Idea # 263 Futon Bed


Well, after all of this we come to winter’s end. A friend who has been overseas in Europe for three months asked me last night “How was the winter?” …funny thing about time passing is that you quickly forget where you have been. Was it rainy? Yes. Was it cold? Yes. But it is hard to really say. I suspect at the end of summer however everyone knows what the weather was like….it is more fun to count to sunshine.

Warmer weather (wishful thinking I know…) calls for more relaxed styling. I love the idea of a low futon bed for no fuss, pile’em up approach to linen and sleeping.


  • Keep linen in layers of colours and prints but don’t be too formal.
  • Don’t try to arrange cushions and European pillows- this option is more streamlined and less formal.
  • Do take the time to tuck in the edges – it is so important to the lines and silhouette that sheets and linen do not hang to the ground.
  • Think about quirky prints for this – you can have fun with something a bit pretty.
  • Keep your side tables and lamps in the right profile- low and balanced. I love the idea of the lamps attached to the wall like above too.
August 30, 2011

Styling Idea # 262 Rich Tuesday Printed Settee


If you really want to evoke a Parisian feel (yes, this is for my house in Paris) then you must look seriously at a settee- and I would advise upholstering in a fabric with a bit of personality and a lot of restraint. Floral is too predictable however a magical modern black and white print is perfect.

From the Right Bank


  • Style with colour block cushions and a coffee table stacked with colorful spines.
  • Ensure that you are balanced with other prints- this colourful ikat is so cheeky and could have been a risk but it works a treat.
  • Artwork hang nonchalantly and includes only real gallery pieces.
  • Roses roses and roses only. Serve with tea.
August 29, 2011

Styling Idea # 261Wishbone Chairs


I wish I knew what it was I wanted to do with my life. I wish I could live in the country AND the city. I wish I could cook better from ingredients left in the pantry. I wish I could find the energy to get up at 5:30am and meditate. I wish i could mend broken hearts for friends. I wish I could find a good man. I wish that man would take me away for a romantic escape. I wish my fringe would grow out quicker. I wish I could find the perfect lamps for my room. I wish I knew where time had flown.

I’ll wish upon a wishbone chair xx

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August 26, 2011

Styling Idea # 260 Glass Bell Jar


Today I will be heading to the markets at the Rocks for some lunch! The weather here is fine and spring is in the air! It is so nice to escape the office and wander around with markets stalls and food and people. On the shopping list today is a cactus or bonsai – I love this little styling idea.

Today you Inspired Me


  • Create a more stylish cluster on your side table, tall boy, side boards or kitchen benches by adding a glass bell jar to the mix
  • Use this to cover anything you wish to highlight and not lose in the mix- ideas include vintage perfume jars, stacks of bangles, ceramics, sculptures, candles anything you can find!

Create something beautiful this weekend and enjoy the power of now!

August 25, 2011

Styling Idea # 259 Hide Your TV!


Ok, peeps- here is the story.

My laptop is stuck at my office at the moment because I need it for work however cannot take it home as I have had something on every night. This leaves me behind and my diligent Plan A to arrive early today was hampered and my Plan B was to post at lunch time however was also hijacked as I am in damage control mode for an error in the office. HOWEVER…coming to you with mt steely determination to not miss a post…check this out for stunning way to not have a TV viable in a living room. Calm and uncluttered.

Billinkoff Living

August 24, 2011

Styling Idea # 258 Reading Nook (Small Spaces)


Good morning peeps! Hope you had a nice night last night. Sorry for my later post today- wishing I was tucked up in a reading chair like this one!

Note how small the space is!! All you need is a comfy chair, cushion and a wall – don’t miss the opportunity to create this sanctuary – you will need less space than you would imagine. Anyone reading any good books BTW??


August 23, 2011

Styling Idea # 257 Rich Tuesday Closet ROOMS


I went shopping on the weekend- I forgot to mention yesterday because I wrote with one eye closed and the other dreaming it wasn’t Monday morning. So- what did I buy? Well, I actually went a bit crazy- 2 silk shirts, a Romance was Born Mini Dress, a Romance was Born blouse, a suit vest, a jumper, a watch, a clutch, a dressy singlet top and two pairs of heels. However my justification is this….I have been clothes shopping (properly- ie more than one shirt for work) twice this year! Once in Hawaii at Christmas time and once 3 months ago. I am a splurge shopper who spends endless hours in between hunting and whinging that I cannot find anything and than – MAGIC! Everything is what I want and on sale (I saved 1/3 off the total costs of everything). Success.

So, this being Rich Tuesday I have upgraded from previous posts on dressing rooms and spare rooms converted to wardrobes….cute but not exceptional. This is much more what I am talking about!


August 22, 2011

Styling Idea # 256 Pink Floral Curtains


Tired this morning. Tired. Happy Monday

But this is pretty!



  • What a joyful addition to any window!
  • Make them full, heavy and bright
  • No need to tie these back- keep them hanging so you can see the fabric clearly.
August 19, 2011

Styling Idea # 255 Palettes Chocolate, Ink and Fur


It is FRIDAY. Wow- three Friday’s in a row where I have a headache from wine the night before. I really must stop having so much fun. Dinner last night was with my two favourite men in the world- my Dad and my brother! Love those guys xxx

As we head into the (2nd) last weekend in winter stay warm and be kind to yourself. Be inspired by warm colours and textures in ink and chocolate. As my mum would say- serve it warm with cream xx

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Fantastic Frank

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August 18, 2011

Styling Idea # 254 Blue Side Table


Did anyone see the Top Design and Renovators shows last night. Unfortunately I can only watch one at a time but I enjoyed the recycle element of the show. Anyone wondering where Reverse Garbage is you will find it near the Marrickville Markets- it really is a true find. I hope the TV show doesn’t encourage thousands who leave the stock looking depleted – it was always a good secret.

Speaking of creating something new from old I am planning to paint side tables for my room (mum said I could paint them- thanks mum!) and I was stuck on the white painted furniture idea and scrunching up my nose a bit- why cover gorgeous wood with white paint? And then I realised that paint comes in lots of colours- blue is cool! When you are already balancing whites and woods I would suggest adding a pop of colour!


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