Styling Idea # 244 Rusted Old Tables Anew


Last night I moved around my new bedroom to make the jigsaw puzzle fit. After feeling deflated that my new amazing tufted lounge was completely out of proportion for the space (something I realized almost immediately after falling for the “its on sale” buzz- and spending the following 3 weeks torturing myself to cancel the order) I think I have found the best possible solution. That being one that allows my existing furniture to fit into the space, limited need to buy new elements and one that balances the weight of this lounge.
The lessons I have learnt are:

1) always trust your gut instinct with space and on sale couches are not as unforgiving as on sale dresses that make you look fat 2) wait and see after you have lived with something for a while…enjoy the uncomfortable stage of it being not right because it will help you find what is right 3) I don’t care how incredible you are visualizing we all benefit from trying on the shoes with dress to get the whole idea- MOVE THINGS AROUND AND SEE HOW IT LOOKS.  4) never underestimate the power of balance- colours, proportion, patterns, size all need to weighed carefully and cautiously. And finally 5) empty spaces look so much smaller than they are- fill it up before you judge a space as too small- you will be surprised how little room you need to talk from A to B.

If you need to buy elements on a budget (mwah) remember character is likely to add to the appeal so rusted tables are only going to contribute to the charm!

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