Styling Idea # 245 Flowers for Friday

Tuesday next week I will have been blogging for a year- everyday except 2 that i missed just to see what it would feel like 😉

Today is the first day I actually missed by accident.

I had a date last night, my head was a bit foggy this morning, it was jeans for jeans day so I was stumped to find a work appropriate jeans outfit in time and I completely forgot! Terrible. However I am fronting up and getting post in before the weekend.

Maybe it is the romance in the air or the warm (nearly Spring) feeling in Sydney today but I am inspired to by flowers today! Don’t let the weekend pass without treating yourself to some



4 Comments to “Styling Idea # 245 Flowers for Friday”

  1. Got you!! I’m on to you Chamberlain! Style my wedding, style my wedding!?

  2. I wondered where you were???
    Romance in the air eh? Sounds nice…hopefully next time you won’t have to buy your own flowers…ha-ha

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