Styling Idea #246 Coffee Table as Bed End


Well well well- the weekend has been and gone again. Such a sad a thing that it cannot go on for another 10 days (or weeks). Sydney is really shining it’s best winter sunshine at the moment and air is already fragrant with early spring buds. How sweet. Can you tell I had another good date?? he he

On this said date I was lucky enough to score a free coffee table on the side of the road! Yep- gotta love dates that keep on giving. I casually picked it up under one arm (this is a true size coffee table) much to the surprise of my date. You see, once you decide you want something in decorating you really just find the strength to do it. You are given almighty powers that enable you to lift, move, unscrew, paint or break anything that is getting in the way of you decorating.

I wonder if my coffee table will fit at the end of the bed like this?

From the Right Bank


  • First look for free stuff on the side of the road- coffee tables are great because they clean up easily and can be transported in no time.
  • Large flat surfaces are perfect for stacking books and magazines- don’t go vertical, go horizontal to display as many gorgeous book covers as possible.
  • Look for draws or storage areas for each place to put nick nacks that live in the bedroom.
  • Don’t be afraid of wood matching- you will find this stand alone piece will fit in in a variety of styles and shapes and DOES NOT need to match you side tables- please don’t in fact.

Happy Monday

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