Styling Idea #251 Filing Cabinets


4 years. That is what it will take to complete this blog. 250 days gets me to just past 1 year….another 3 to go. Where on earth will I be in that time? I am happy to keep musing in the process.

I hit the wall this weekend my with energy level …work, new house, friends, dinners, dates, boy crushes, family, shopping, money, alcohol all whirled into one and I stayed in bed when I was supposed to be running City to Surf. mahhh – whatever. It felt lazy and naughty at the time but I doubt the 84,499 people were wondering where I was so I figure I got away with it.

Of all the (energy draining) things that I just mentioned there are a few that are unfortunately missing- exercise, yoga, cooking, meditation, romance, nature, reading, learning, travel, contribution…. it seems there is a hard balance to strike to be a person of party nature and a person of personal nature. One who nurtures themselves and takes the time to look after themselves finds it difficult to balance this with shopping at Bondi Junction and sipping cocktails Tues- Fri….hard gig.

My pendulam has swung …. I’m heading back to a quieter life for a little bit (at least until the sun shines bright and cider is the only way forward!) Maybe everyone needs a little draw for each part of their life…they can open each as they go and explore the new version of themselves….only to pack that one away and open another. This is how I feel sometimes.

Love Nordic


2 Comments to “Styling Idea #251 Filing Cabinets”

  1. Couldn’t agree more….its a hard task striking the balance! I did EXACTLY the same on sun stayed in bed till 3 even though i got up up 9, showered, dressed, ready for the days events…..i decided a well earned break in bed was a better way to spend the day! I do like your wording ‘natures themselves’ – This makes me feel less ‘bad’ for wasting a day!

    Keep blogging, big feat but appreciating the posts. Congrats on the one year milestone!

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