Styling Idea # 254 Blue Side Table


Did anyone see the Top Design and Renovators shows last night. Unfortunately I can only watch one at a time but I enjoyed the recycle element of the show. Anyone wondering where Reverse Garbage is you will find it near the Marrickville Markets- it really is a true find. I hope the TV show doesn’t encourage thousands who leave the stock looking depleted – it was always a good secret.

Speaking of creating something new from old I am planning to paint side tables for my room (mum said I could paint them- thanks mum!) and I was stuck on the white painted furniture idea and scrunching up my nose a bit- why cover gorgeous wood with white paint? And then I realised that paint comes in lots of colours- blue is cool! When you are already balancing whites and woods I would suggest adding a pop of colour!


Solid Frog

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 254 Blue Side Table”

  1. I think the side tables would look fantastic painted..Go for it !!! Send me photos of your room when you get it set up. Would love to see the end result.. Keep on keeping on…..!!!

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