Styling Idea # 263 Futon Bed


Well, after all of this we come to winter’s end. A friend who has been overseas in Europe for three months asked me last night “How was the winter?” …funny thing about time passing is that you quickly forget where you have been. Was it rainy? Yes. Was it cold? Yes. But it is hard to really say. I suspect at the end of summer however everyone knows what the weather was like….it is more fun to count to sunshine.

Warmer weather (wishful thinking I know…) calls for more relaxed styling. I love the idea of a low futon bed for no fuss, pile’em up approach to linen and sleeping.


  • Keep linen in layers of colours and prints but don’t be too formal.
  • Don’t try to arrange cushions and European pillows- this option is more streamlined and less formal.
  • Do take the time to tuck in the edges – it is so important to the lines and silhouette that sheets and linen do not hang to the ground.
  • Think about quirky prints for this – you can have fun with something a bit pretty.
  • Keep your side tables and lamps in the right profile- low and balanced. I love the idea of the lamps attached to the wall like above too.

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