Styling Idea # 267 Colour Blocking …Delay


I watched the September Issue last night. Wow- what a crazy and wonderful doco that is. A look at the inside world of Vogue is inspiring and alluring however could you really do that and put up with the people and the personalities? What was so shocking last night was to realise the lag time of fashion and the power that women wields over the world. The words on everyone’s lips for summer is colour blocking- every store is stocked with bright separates and moving away from patterns.

Turns out this was the theme for Vogue’s September issue ….in 2007. Opps…. we are all slaves and no matter how fashion forward we think we are it turns out we are about 4 years behind.



One Comment to “Styling Idea # 267 Colour Blocking …Delay”

  1. I love that room….Such a strong statement that works really well. Makes me want more colour in my life.
    Makes me feel happy and inspired…

    Hope you week is filled with colour and fun…x

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