Styling Idea # 268 Textured Wallpaper


What do we think about the pattern wallpaper craze? In just 12 months of this blog I have gone from loving it to being a bit blah about it all. Too many prints, too many Florence Broadhurst palms, too many too many. However that is not a long time if you have invested the money in some incredible paper …you would want the walls to stay that way for another few years. Maybe if you are keen to wallpaper go with a texture or a linen look. Less likely to date. Or listen to Anna Wintor at Vogue and implement immediately…you will be four years ahead of the pack

Vintage Home


  • When I say textured I don’t mean some disgusting shape imprinted into paper that you paint over (sorry- I do not wish to offend but that stuff is ghastly!)
  • Look for fabric or natural fiber look and keep the colours in a neutral palette- beige, camel, linen, greys.
  • Don’t be afraid to hang and design around this- the idea is the wall looks smart and sophisticated but it need not look bare.
  • Remember also excellent attention to detail for door frames and cornices will bring this to life.

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