Styling Idea # 271 Books displayed pages side (not spine)


It is raining in Sydney this morning and for me that means the sound of rain on the tin roof out my window! I love love that sound and wish I could stay in bed to enjoy. On another random note (that is possibly relevant for this blog) has anyone seen the show 20 something? I watched it last night and it is such a real depiction of that demographic (yes, I am out of the group……just). The reason that I mention it here is because they are struggling to comes to terms with share houses- I love my flatmate and our awesome house and yet it baffles me that I am still renting and living with friends. When does the money start coming???

Anyway…today I want to celebrate books and share a nifty idea of turning all the busy spines away and displaying the pages facing out. Minimal colour maximum texture and whole lot easier to colour match.

Happy reading this weekend (I am secretly hoping the rain stays)



  • Great for when you haven’t got new beautiful spines
  • Great for busy rooms that don’t need any additional colour (like above)
  • Great for tonal rooms with earthy rustic colours
  • I love the idea of filling the fireplace if is old and ugly (and you are renting!)
  • Don’t miss the clever use of round mirrors in this shot! I posted this idea back at 195 – check it out

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 271 Books displayed pages side (not spine)”

  1. Just looked at the radar for Sydney …. Looks like your wish for a rainy Saturday morning will happen… Sleep well enjoy the rain and find a great book … 🙂 Love the books in the fire place… Cheap and smart at the same time.. X

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