Styling Idea # 277 Paint the inside of your bookcase


I think it is always exciting when I find new ways to add colour. You see the balance of a few shades is all about what makes a room work. However, often it is hard to add colour in new ways. Here in a room of cream and beige and butter the stark black chairs are supported by the back of the bookcase! Incredible!

Just think…if you are renting you couldn’t paint the wall to get this strong block of colour but you can paint the inside of your bookcase and style it with enough space for the color to show through.

I think dark colours would work best chocolates, black, navy, green, mustard or raspberry!! But don’t forget soft mint for a bathroom cabinet (with rolled up towels and Jo Malone candles on display) or bright pink for a girls bedroom.

I don’t think I can over estimate how excited I am about this idea- I cannot wait to try it out!

Hopscotch and Grace

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 277 Paint the inside of your bookcase”

  1. Really striking …I want to go buy a cheap scond hand bookcase and do this treatment….If it was thin enough I could put in in my hallway…! Hope your week brings you sunshine and joy…XX

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