Styling Idea # 278 Rich Tuesday- Butter Living Rooms


The ironic thing about recording and cataloging is that you can only capture a moment in time. All of the images I record here and the ideas I painstakingly select to share will one day be out of date. So 2000’s or so 2011! I can imagine a blog like this gushing over the latest dried flowers in the 80’s so somewhere along the line this will be a 4 year project that people snigger at and say “How did we ever like that?”

With that in mind some looks are timeless and some styles will remain beautiful. I predict the majority of the images I use in the Rich Tuesday segment will fit this bill. That suits me because I will be rich and I can return to the blog to pick ideas that I loved.

I will wrapping my living rooms in warm buttery yellow.

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

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