Styling Idea # 279 Artists Impression


I really want to start painting again. When I am not being creative enough I feel like a zombie, so I am aiming this weekend to start some new paintings. That in mind I saw some incredible paintings by Craig Waddell when I was at Biota in Bowral in the weekend. Both the artist and the amazing new organic restaurant are highly recommended!

This little number will set you back $27,000- check out Gallery 9 in Sydney if you are in the market

Craig Waddell - Gallery 9

Not to leave you without an at home styling idea I found these images on the The Design Files – whilst the photography is not the inspirational style I usually share on this blog the idea is succinct and something I love.

The Design Files

The Design Files


  • I love how the use of blonde wood, white edges and black frames create the ultimate neutral palette for displaying these images.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix frame styles just ensure that they are lined up perfectly so the story is continued.
  • Look for illustrations, etching or small black and white images to highlight the simple colour palette
  • If you have old family photos in black and white and want to display them without them looking daggy try something like this.
  • Ensure there is plenty of white space in the border and the frame width is kept reasonably consistent if not the same – but of course you can vary frame sizes.

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