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September 30, 2011

Styling Idea # 286 Matching Cushion and Tablecloth


Yippeeee! The long weekend is here and I am off to Wagga to see family and friends and enjoy 4 nights of mum’s cooking! Given that last night was eggs on toast and the two nights before packet soup my belly is in for a treat. It has been such a busy week but I am pleased because I am feeling quite accomplished as a result and ready to go home and put my feet up!

Meanwhile – I am not so happy that Hawthorn are not playing the final this weekend but excited about the GF all the same.

Now as we have three days to enjoy this weekend do something a little luxurious but totally simple- cook scones! My recipe is flour and cream – THAT’s it!! Seriously – that is all you need. Sit back and enjoy with a tablecloth and cushion THAT MATCH! sweet

Be safe this weekend and enjoy a break xxxx

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