Styling Idea # 291 Closet Space in Window Sill


If happiness is a tidy room I super happy. My room is no less than immaculate right now. I’m reasonably tidy and organised most of the time but every now and than you know that that sock draw is not as perfect as it should be and your bank records are in not filed correctly. When you can sit back and know that everything has a place and everything is in that place it is a good day.It sounds over the top but I can honestly say when we used to go on family holidays I would make a map for my suitcase… that way I had a handy reference to where the clothes could be found without making a mess of the rest of clothes. I like systems, order and clothes! To me it makes sense.

So whilst I like to live like I am in a magazine sometimes you need stuff. Things that make up your world and that you need to store and use.

If you have a small amount of space and large collection of delicious Fleur Wood blouses this little styling idea is great! Make the space within your window a living display cabinet- put please remember to hang by colour and only have the good ones on display!

Fantastic Frank

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