Styling Idea # 298 Snake Charmer Basket- Bathrooms


Sometimes the best styling comes from having the confidence to pick something and than leave it alone. Let the design, theme, colour and texture simply be and allow the vibe of the space take over. If one item speaks to you and creates the feeling that you want try this styling idea- repeat that item. Alone. Keep it that simple and you will rewarded with loads of style in a casual restrained manner.

Try it and see what I mean

Apartment Dreams


  • Think about objects that you would normally group in threes or have as stand alone and try with two- examples include ceramics, photo frames, footstools, rose bowls, decorative jars, throw rugs.
  • Think about the simple power of 2 in surprising ways- 2 x side tables each with a different table cloth or both with a vintage lace throw in a hall….unexpected but when there is nothing else around to compete it will have twice the impact.
  • Use a backdrop that is neutral and if you feel the need for support pieces feel comfortable matching them to the theme- the black wrought iron hooks above are better than shiny silver in this case.

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