Styling Idea # 299 Empty Space Picture


I wonder if you read my tip yesterday and if it resonated with you? Some of these styling ideas are immediately apparent and just stunning to look at – others take a bit more time to digest and need an intuitive mind to process. As you are reading this I hope you appreciate both approaches and get something out of both styles of post. Here is another post similar to yesterdays and relating the more “no styled” approach to styling.

The “do not hang picture here” picture….

Emma's Blog


  • I’m always a little bit sad when people shut down a styling idea because it is against the rules- this space is crying out for a picture to be hang in the empty space but it is the EMPTY SPACE that makes this so stylish and powerful.
  • If you meditate you will know what I mean about hearing the silence behind sounds and feeling the space in nothingness…if I have lost you here, sorry!!
  • Try to look at this image and feel the simple balance achieved by deciding to keep that space open, to reflect the light, to dictate the colour and to allow the strength of the arrangement below to shine through.
  • This plays right into Coco’s famous quote “Always take one thing off”….in interiors you can be bold!!

Your challenge this weekend- remove something from an overly styled space!!!

One Comment to “Styling Idea # 299 Empty Space Picture”

  1. I so agree…Hanging something above this would be a step to far..Classic example of..”.You are noticed by your absence…”!

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