Styling Idea # 301 Floral Bedlinen


Maybe it is because spring is in the air but I am finding this bedlinen simply stunning. As a rule I don’t like 99.999% of doona covers and bedlinen ugly. Yep- I honestly believe we are all putting up with the best of a bad lot and when you get home with new linen you make all sorts of compromises and excuses to allow for something that is not perfect. In most cases it is ugly and you wouldn’t buy the fabric in a dress or a cushion so why would you sleep in it?

There you are- there is my rant. Here are my pictures!

A touch of happiness

Design Attractor


  • Look for prints on white to keep it fresh
  • Mix up geometric and florals for a fresh take
  • Keep almost everything else white!

8 Comments to “Styling Idea # 301 Floral Bedlinen”

  1. Wow…. Love love that top one.. Makes me want to change my bedroom for summer….. Ummmm .. Might just do that. Thanks for a great post .

  2. I have been looking for ages for some bed linen that isn’t awful. We have recently bought a king size bed and I refuse to spend any money on linen unless I really like it. So far I’ve found nothing. I’ve tried all the usual suspects…no luck there. I’d welcome your suggestions…if you have any…

  3. Agree, bed linen & beside lamps, urgh!

  4. As much as I love pretty florals, I think I’m over them…classic neutrals please (that sounds fancy!)

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