Styling Idea # 309 Candle Sticks


Well, what do you know? It’s Friday already. One day off during the week sick and the days become hard to pinpoint. Not that I am complaining it is wonderful and exciting news.

I have been lusting over this idea for a while I think we should all go back to investing in good old fashion candle stick holders. They are so elegant and timeless and a welcome change from the candles in a glass that seem to be everywhere these days.

Candle Sticks

Design Inspiration


  • The number of candlesticks you use will set the mood- 1 = whimsical, 2 = formal, 3 or more = romantic.
  • Don’t use too many you don’t want to look like a bad 1980’s film clip set…..I’m having some flashback to “Total Eclipse of the Heart?”…..would that be right?
  • Be aware of the height issue when using over dinner- I would prefer to see these on side tables, occasional tables, bathroom window sills, kitchen shelves, sideboards or bookcases- take your pick people.

Whatever you do this weekend I hope it is wonderful and relaxing and wrapped up in some love and cuddles.

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