Styling Idea # 317 Magazine Bench


Oh, did I tell you I saw the Bill Cunningham documentary? It was incredible and inspiring to boot! You should totally go and see this for a lesson on following your passion. One of my favourite things about the film is when it is revealed that he almost never accepts a pay cheque- “as soon as they pay you… they own you”. Gotta love someone who truly believes that and has the courage to live by it.

Bill Cunningham

Bill lived in a small closet size space with filing cabinets and kept every negative of film. Kinda beats a killer stack of magazines….although I do love magazines and would totally love this bench style as my storage choice.

Ship and Anchor


  • Try this in a home office, hall or entrance
  • Keep the piles separate and spaced out
  • When you think you have enough you probably need about 300 more! Get shopping

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