Styling Idea # 328 Door Bookcase


Oh, wow. I am a sucker for bookcases and decorative plaster work. Imagine my delight when I found it wrapped up in Tiffany blue……..welcome to the entrance to my future kitchen, living room, office or library. Or, maybe this is the door to the guest bathroom- inviting them to select something to read before entering the heavenly space.

It is all a little bit too perfect really!

Ship and Anchor

2 Comments to “Styling Idea # 328 Door Bookcase”

  1. That is beautiful…!!

    That is going straight on my wish list..

    One of the most magical ideas ever..

    So easy..But so effective..

    Cheers ..

    • I know!!!! This is stupidly good! At least if no ones read this blog I will have the best scrap book for “when i build or renovate!” a magical world of styling ideas

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