Styling Idea # 337 Clear Console OVER Table


It is now 9:30pm and I am drafting what will be officially my latest post. Let me tell what I learnt today….

  1. The value of “everything has a place and there is a place for everything” is my idea of heaven and the perfect antidote to cleaning
  2. Cleaning is a full time job x 2
  3. If you give yourself a deadline or “time splits” for each room you will be able to clean for hours
  4. Music is your friend and everything is a microphone when you have a tea towel over your shoulder!!
  5. The best part about cleaning is a glass of wine with friends at the end of the day!

Ok..something pretty to look at for everyone who has missed a day…how  about a clear console over your retro inspired or unique shaped cabinet? I love this idea of layering images, tables and ghost-created heights!!!

Try this over girly dressing tables, retro drink trays, the end of a “space squeezed” dining table (push the table to the wall and create your own condiments tray with drinking glasses and flowers to boot), over a towel rack in the bathroom to create a clean space for a mirror and knacks….any other ideas people??

Black White and Yellow

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