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January 16, 2012

Styling Idea 347 # Blackboard in Living Room


I am never a fan of “trends”.

The disappointment is likely to fall into one of three categories. One- just as you are getting there everyone is changing their mind. Two- you believe your were there first and how can it take so long for everyone else to catch on? Three- you realize you are on time and on “trend” – which is utterly devastating and dull.

What I do applaud is clever ideas (maybe born from a trend, maybe not) that can transcend the moment and become concepts all of their own. Case in point: blackboard in kitchen “OVER”, blackboard in lounge “AWESOME”. Just imagine the clever literary references you could record, poetry, timeless movie lines, short stories. I would keep this one classy and not go anywhere list. This is art people- it just happens to be changeable.

Lining them up stops if from looking like a random idea and makes it more conceptual.

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