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January 27, 2012

Styling Idea # 355 Houndstooth Upholstery


Yesterday was Australia Day if you live down under. For those of you reading elsewhere you may have been wondering why I didn’t post and if Australia Day is enough of a holiday for me a skip a post? Well, yes! I totally adore Australia Day – more than any other day of celebrations. Music, BBQ’s, friends, dancing and beer. It is really is just a day to hang with peeps you love and talk about great music. What a way to feel patriotic.

I love being Australian, except for days when I wish I was French. Like today!!

Check this out….L’Hotel de Vendome, found on Cool Hunter 

Delicious. Divine.

Are you kidding me? The bar stools too!

Well, I would have to love it…..and so will my “yet to be named husband” I am planning on getting married in houndstooth!