Styling Idea # 385 Poster Artwork Pot Plants


Ok….this is it. I have quit my job and today is my last day. Yep, I have done it and now I have to face the consequences of being an impatient self employed unconfident entrepreneur full of bravado and doubt. Done.

What next you may ask??? Well…..that is where this blog is about to start to get really interesting? Where will this lead me and what next…I hope you stick around the watch this space.

Stil Inspiration

So, without leaving you hanging with no idea to ponder for the day…check out the use of poster artwork in this image to deliver the impact and punch of the real thing (pot plants) with no upkeep! I give this photo 11/10- and you?

Today You Inspired Me

5 Comments to “Styling Idea # 385 Poster Artwork Pot Plants”

  1. Well….. The first day of the rest of your life..So proud of you.

    And yes…I will so watch this space to follow your amazing adventure….

    And as for the photo… Fan bloody fastic…!!!!!!XX

  2. Big claps from me too.

  3. I love everything about the last image hun… the tiled walls are stunning and love the randomness of the chairs. STUNNING 🙂 Have a great weekend lovey. Stu x

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