Styling Idea # 361 Unmatching Bed Linen


I am writing this post from Wagga Wagga, NSW (a small country town for non-aussies). My car and a removalist truck hold all my belongings. It is weird to be disconnected from the pieces that make up your environment and I couldn’t help stamp my individual touch on the room I am staying in immediately. This was a simple as scarves draped over lighting in bathroom, a vase with flowers from the garden, my pot plant, a row of perfume bottles and my jewelry box. Home for now.

Making a space personal is always important and as a rule elements that you like will all go together in the end. Take this bedding for example….different prints and patterns on each piece and yet somehow it works in harmony.

Marcus Hay

Stylist Marcus Hay and Photographer Jonny Valiant.


  • Look for patterns and prints with complimentary palettes
  • Pick shapes and sizes that keep your eyeline happy and play to symmetry
  • If using stripes don’t mix with horizontal and vertical- keep them all the same to allow the space to open up for additional patterns.

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