Styling Idea # 365 Mirror on the Floor


Oh, dear…I am sorry I am late today. (New comers- this is not my style. PS thanks for following)

Slept in majorly and had to run to the hairdresser (peanut butter toast in hand). When I got home from the salon the nice “molten brown with suitable variations” I had requested looked more Cruella De Vil than I had expected.

Dang….back to the salon I go to say “it’s a bit stripy here, here and WTF is this bit here?” …..No matter how nice you intend to sound telling someone that they have done a crap job always feels harsh…..blah blah blah… Brown hair with nearly no variations….Complete.

It does feel a little underwhelming that today’s post is #365 because I have been posting since Aug 2010….but weekends really add up I guess. Meanwhile, shopping for a floor length mirror yesterday I was shocked to find that they are nearly extinct in homeware stores. What is that about? Grab one this weekend before they disappear completely. Big, bold and the perfect combination of practical and stylish. Me love.

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