FURNNISH Blog Today Styling Idea # 383 Graduating Prints


I’m in business business business mode at the moment. Chained to the desk (mostly in unflattering house clothes) and sourcing, designing, planning, plotting.

I have decided to record my business wishlist. That way I can look back with pride on what I have achieved when the systems are rolling. Also- all recommendations for any of the below would be really cherished and appreciated.

  • Textile designers
  • Fabric printers
  • Web designers (to design and build the online store)
  • WordPress experts- who can fix this blog- seriously need to upgrade already! HELP?
  • Advertisers for the blog (when it looks like it is worth it)
  • Furniture makers
  • Upholsters
  • Storage facilities (Melbourne)
  • Communal offices (Melbourne)
  • A million bucks
  • A bank Manager
  • A PR Manager
  • Photographers
  • Assistant Stylists
  • Twitter Expert
  • Freight account
  • And most importantly – HAPPY CUSTOMERS

Meanwhile, I do always enjoy seeing new ways to hang prints. Especially when they have the benefit of making a space look bigger. Why not be bold above a bed with no head board and aim high? Kinda like my business wishlist!

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