Styling Idea # 395 Reverse Clothes Rack – Ceiling Style


I am sorry my post didn’t make it yesterday.  I had written a post from a cafe prior to meeting with a lovely, generous and inspirational stylist, Bec Cole, and thought I had pressed “post”. I spent the day in blissful ignorance that it had not been sent.

These two little quote sum up how I am approaching my days at the moment….working hard and SUPER inspired. I wish I could tell you little more about what I am working on but things are being nudged left and right ever so slightly and I want to ensure everything is right before I get going.

Stil Inspiration

So, what inspirational idea do I want to share today? Well, it is this VERY clever reverse clothes rack. You see, the floor racks are generally flawed in that they have big ugly poles at the end. If you try the double racks you will also find that the designer forgot that coat hangers are wide and need their own space. Terrible. This architectural feature could hang elegantly from the ceiling would allow for your chic (colour co-ordinated) wardrobe to hang mid air. Lovely. All I need know is a welder and some nifty ceiling bracket things…..

Source: via Sara on Pinterest

2 Comments to “Styling Idea # 395 Reverse Clothes Rack – Ceiling Style”

  1. i love this idea, i just need better clothes to keep on display!
    x kat

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