Styling Idea # 396 Kids Storage Wall


I am feeling particularly inspired to do some DIY today. Some days just feel like good days to get the hammer out and MAKE something. I am not a huge crafty person (believe it or not) and for a stylist I find the idea of making small craft projects rather tedious. I am much more likely to want to build a bench or a bed. I like big things. In fact I believe I will one day have a work-shed with all the wood and tools I need! Oh….and an artist studio because of course I like HUGE canvases rather than dainty little things.

I am not particularly talented at either however I would love to try my luck at something like this little idea. Practical for storage and an ever changing piece of art. Love that.

If anyone has kids and wants to try the idea (and lives in Melbourne) please let me know. I’m 100% up for it!

Source: via Joey on Pinterest

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