Styling Idea # 398 Window Frame Freshness


I was lucky enough to score a bait for the Great Dane 10th birthday party last week- if you are not familiar with this Australian icon it is so worth a look-see HERE!

Here is an inspirational quote from there website:

“Ten years ago, on March 30th Anton opened the roller doors of a leaky garage in Prahran to reveal a 40ft container of Danish furniture. 3 hours & 10 cases of Carlsberg later, it had all sold. Great Dane was born. Celebrating ten great years of sharing our passion for Scandinavian design.” 

Congrats guys! Ten years is a true achievement.

In other news it is a sunny Monday morning in Melbourne (not THAT rare actually) and I am staring out the window with the need to explore and get out and about. Unfortunately  my window is not a damn cool and clever as this!

These amazing windows are from the clever and sustainable Sunia Homes in LA – worth checking out. Photography Laure Joliet. Found via here. I love how the re-think the shape and design.

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