Styling Idea # 406 Autoban Love


I spent the best part of the weekend (i.e the sunny Sunday part) under a pile of files and brochures and links looking for the perfect bed for my upcoming photoshoot.

It turns out that no matter how hard I try I have really expensive taste! There really is just no compromise on excellent design and you can spot it a mile off! I am currently lusting over this delicious Throne Bed from Autoban. Really, this is my idea of the perfect bed.

Autoban is an Istanbul Design studio that develops architecture and design projects. It was established in 2003 and has grown to a team of 35 that have already delivered over 300 projects- pretty impressive growth I say. Autoban’s Suite Bed was recently awarded Best Bed in the Wallpaper 2012 Design Awards- check it out here.

In fact the whole site is worth spending at least half your Monday procrastinating! If you get sprung for doing no work today just blame Autoban. Meanwhile, I’m off to Luke Furniture in Melbourne to demand that I can hire this for the photoshoot! If you’re in Sydney and keen to see the range you can pop into Spence and Lyda

Throne Bed Autoban

Throne Bed Auotban

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