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May 1, 2012

Styling Idea # 416 Midnight Blue


I know we live in a black and white obsessed world. It always works and it will always work (nice to know there are some stables in the land of design) however I am currently dreaming about deep midnight blue. You see, it was recently hard rubbish week around Melbourne (meaning everything you want to throw out that is larger than your council bins get placed on the foot path). The free for all mentality was hilarious – people collecting tables, chairs, wood, boxes whatever. Everything I saw needed some love and I kept wanting to repaint old furniture a deep lacquered navy. Softer than black, more chic than brights, timeless and stunning.

My tips are keep it really dark, off set with white, wood, mustard, oranges or lilac. If you are planning on painting furniture consider a lacquer to give the colour another dimension- reflection!