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May 7, 2012

Styling Idea # 418 Arch Windows


I spent the weekend enjoying one of the most stunning holiday homes at Mt Martha I have ever stayed in. This is a big statement but it is totally true. Here are my tips for what worked:

Cream, white and wood interior, lots of mirrors and natural light, simple palette accessories (in this case it was soft aqua, silver and white, not one item outside the palette), exceptional quality everything (carpet to sleep on, couches to live on, tables to dream about) timeless pieces and a little Noosa styling. I know that Noosa has it’s fans and “not-so fans” however when you are on holiday these cheeky beach references are all the more endearing. Here is the link – however keep in mind these things always look better in real life.

So, my favourite thing in this house was the windows! The view came in second after the scale and size of these stunning windows. Straight with black frames are of course all the rage however I still like an old fashion arch. It can adapt to different styles…..take your pick.