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June 14, 2012

Styling Idea # 433 Black Tall Boy


OK, I promise I attempted to post yesterday- the wordpress site was playing up. I promise.

Anyway…I’m loving the bold use of colour on this tall boy. It’s part country, part scandi, part modern, part classic. Go for different paint finishes to suit your look. High gloss for modern glamour, rustic matt with some buffed edges for a worn look. Combine with crisp white furniture for immediate Scandinavian kudos or a simple water jug with lavendar for a completely different look.

Oh…did I mention that is excellent storage to boot! Favourite furniture piece award!

June 12, 2012

Styling Idea # 432 Arch Lead Light Windows


Good morning everyone! I’m back!

I decided that I needed a break from daily blog land, so I took two weeks off to refresh my mind. Out of a four year goal of blogging that ain’t so bad. The one thing I found by not posting, not reading, not collating images and not even pinning was that I absolutely love what I do and really cannot live without daily visual stimulation.

So much has been happening here since I wrote. But it is hard to pull out one story to be inspired by. I am just going to get started with a jaw dropping stunning room. Arch windows are really so impressive.

If you are anywhere near Melbourne at the moment stay warm today. I will be in a furniture warehouse hogging the little blow heater and sipping on a thermos.