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May 16, 2012

Styling Idea # 425 Gallery Entrance


I have looked at ways artwork can be used to create an entrance before. Styling Idea # 210 was all about elaborate pictures and mirrors in a entrance and # 161 was artwork on the floor (in a way that a busy working artist would display- stacked and un-styled).

This image is how I would prefer it look. The over the top mirrors and prints would blow my mind, but not calm it as I enter my home. The stacked artwork would inspire me to be a more creative person, when I really need to be a more disciplined person. See where I am going here?

I simply adore photography!!! Love, love, love with a capital L and cannot wait to have a entrance of similar structure to display with love. The base is low so the prints are large! Have fun!

April 30, 2012

Styling Idea # 415 Low Book Shelf, Large Print


I absolutely adore playing around with proportions. Sometimes things should be symmetrical and play to the rules. Other times you should press the shrink button and grow button at the same time and see what the result is. In this case the the bookshelf has shrunk down low and the artwork takes up the space. What a stunning composition.

Where in your home are you playing it safe with proportion? What would happen if you dared to freshen up the space with proportions?

PS- take note of the gorgeous light flooding the space from bottom right….lower your light source people. Lower your lights!

March 20, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today: Styling Idea # 391 Bold Upholstery Prints


Good morning! I’m loving how this bright artwork inspired print pops against the dark grey. What fabric would you choose for a statement piece?? Pin it and let me know!

I found this image via Simply Fabulous Chic however I cannot retrace my steps to credit anyone else for the shot or the fabric – if you know please let me know!


March 2, 2012

Styling Idea # 379 Yellow Stove and Matching Artwork!


It would be fair to say that I move around a bit.

Careers, houses, cities, wardrobes, hairstyles, diets – yep I change these things more often than the lint in my clothes dryer (or I would if I owned one). You see, since I have been posting FURNNISH (18 months now) I have lived in 5 houses. Yep, I am now putting on the kettle in the fifth kitchen I have enjoyed calling home since the blogs inception. I have never understood the hype around the embracing change book by Spencer Johnson “Who Moved my Cheese?” -really other people are afraid of change?

I wonder what all this says about me? Restless, impatient, unpractical, dreamer or running away? Does anyone else live like this? “Flying by the seat of my pants” (weird saying, I know). Anyway….I have made a really important move that will hopefully but an end to this silliness and this unprofitable way of living. Long ago I said I would move back to Melbourne when I felt ready to settle down. I think you know the feeling? It is more about stillness and comfort for me than babies and glory boxes. It is about feeling at home and happy doing the day to day things. It is not needing my GPS, it is owning flour until weasels move in, it is growing a garden the next season. And it is, of course, getting to the point where you are RE-decorating a room…not simply decorating for the first time.

So….that being said Melbourne is it! Unless anyone has offers going in New York or Paris! I could pack overnight!

I couldn’t help but share this sunny sunny way to style with yellow for a Friday! Take one large yellow statement piece and repeat with beautiful yellow painting. If you cannot deal with a yellow stove think about a yellow kitchen table, drinks trolley, butchers block, bentwood chairs or tufted yellow armchair!

Happy friday y’all!

February 28, 2012

Styling Idea # 376 Style Up the Mattress!


I missed a day yesterday.

A total DNP (Did Not Post). Sorry. And as for today, I am totally exhausted, fighting the flu and succumbing to the lolling sound of the rain……..zzzzzz.

Anyway….welcome back and thanks for your patience. I found this little gem and thought “Arhh Haa! How clever!” Hope it makes up for it.

What to do when you have a spare room that needs a little something? A space that people could sleep if needed, a space that looks as smart as the rest of your stylish home, a space that says “Hey, don’t use me as a junk room…I demand respect!” I say you style up a mattress!

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest


  • I personally adore the smart, clean lines of the long skinny cushions!
  • However if you are feeling suitably boho and lo-lo (to the ground) adding some Moroccan, Tibetan or Spanish flavored cushions would be spicy and delicious.
  • Yes, add the rug, yes, create a makeshift side table for glasses of water, magazines and a guest soap
  • Yes, hang the wall prints above at a height that works with the low proportions. Anyone caught hanging too high will be disappointed.
  • DO use a thick, quality fitted white sheet (or two) that is not going to show through any nana flowers prints underneath (You may also wish to consider other suitable colours such as grey, linen or navy)
  • If you have a bed and base (mattress with a base support) you could remove the wheels and create a similar look.
  • DON’T ignore this special space when visitors are away – day beds are a fabulous retreat.
  • PS- don’t you just love the way these prints are hung?????
January 31, 2012

Styling Idea # 357 Sticky Tape Stylist


Sometimes being a bit rustic and haphazard is a good thing in styling.

Stil Inspiration



Items by Design Bird


  • My tips for getting this right include understanding that placement is key. Layered or in the white space you still need to think about your composition.
  • Keep the same colour tape for the wall- two colours would be messy.
  • Make the pieces of tape around about the same size. Don’t measure but be considered.
December 27, 2011

Styling Idea # 334 Grey and Latte Palette


Wow, it seems I missed a milestone on this blog- my 1/3 point. 333 x 3 is going to see this almost finished. I also missed a couple of days in the food and alcohol frenzy that is Christmas- wow- what a few days.

I hope you had an amazing and joyful Christmas- we had some wonderful family surprises, some struggling family moments and three days all in all of Christmas cheer. It can be such an overwhelming and underwhelming experience and it is hard to not get caught up in the wrong parts. I think my goal for future Christmas’s will be to focus on what really matters and forget about the little things that don’t.

If you need to get some quiet time over the coming days escaping to a bedroom of soothing colours will do the trick- I love this grey and latte palette for a timeless cocooning space.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Aubrey Road

December 8, 2011

Styling Idea # 323 DIY Storage Wall


Wow wow wowie. The number of ideas and visions that come to mind when I think about this styling area are incredible!! Some photos really get you thinking and for me this is one of them. What are your thoughts?

Check out this perfectly curated storage wall. YUM. Aptly found on Today you Inspired Me!

Today You Inspired Me


  • This images uses all white storage – I would love to see this in wood such a teak or brazilian rose wood- vintage style.
  • Plan you heights and don’t try to make units look like they are connected- the variances from one to another create the visual interest.
  • I love the gallery style paintings above- look for ways to gain height with the prints- that will help balance the length of the storage units and pull it all together as one cohesive vision.
  • If you must place items on top of the storage units (here they have used almost all white) I would treed lightly…perhaps display 3 or 4 and remove 1 or 2. Be discreet.
September 21, 2011

Styling Idea # 279 Artists Impression


I really want to start painting again. When I am not being creative enough I feel like a zombie, so I am aiming this weekend to start some new paintings. That in mind I saw some incredible paintings by Craig Waddell when I was at Biota in Bowral in the weekend. Both the artist and the amazing new organic restaurant are highly recommended!

This little number will set you back $27,000- check out Gallery 9 in Sydney if you are in the market

Craig Waddell - Gallery 9

Not to leave you without an at home styling idea I found these images on the The Design Files – whilst the photography is not the inspirational style I usually share on this blog the idea is succinct and something I love.

The Design Files

The Design Files


  • I love how the use of blonde wood, white edges and black frames create the ultimate neutral palette for displaying these images.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix frame styles just ensure that they are lined up perfectly so the story is continued.
  • Look for illustrations, etching or small black and white images to highlight the simple colour palette
  • If you have old family photos in black and white and want to display them without them looking daggy try something like this.
  • Ensure there is plenty of white space in the border and the frame width is kept reasonably consistent if not the same – but of course you can vary frame sizes.
August 30, 2011

Styling Idea # 262 Rich Tuesday Printed Settee


If you really want to evoke a Parisian feel (yes, this is for my house in Paris) then you must look seriously at a settee- and I would advise upholstering in a fabric with a bit of personality and a lot of restraint. Floral is too predictable however a magical modern black and white print is perfect.

From the Right Bank


  • Style with colour block cushions and a coffee table stacked with colorful spines.
  • Ensure that you are balanced with other prints- this colourful ikat is so cheeky and could have been a risk but it works a treat.
  • Artwork hang nonchalantly and includes only real gallery pieces.
  • Roses roses and roses only. Serve with tea.