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May 2, 2012

Styling Idea # 417 Leather Cushions


I am longing for some leather cushions in my life! Leather these days is baby-skin soft and the texture and colour of leather is to die for! I love that these are flat too!

February 29, 2012

Styling Idea # 377 Folded Back Doona


Today I am packing up the car and moving. Again.

I left Sydney 3.5 weeks ago and now I am finally on route to My Melbourne! Minus some much loved furniture pieces that don’t fit in a Hyundai Getz but with the important lamps, plants and cushions to make a room mine!

However on arrival it won’t quite look like this! I love the idea of taking a large bold print and folding it back at the end of the of the bed. Don’t get me wrong I adore a white donna as much as the next girl but sometimes a print or colour injection can make a room feel luxurious. Keep your whites for pillows, linens and coverlet and have fun with a strong print at the end only. Of course, repeat with at least one cushion for harmony.

February 28, 2012

Styling Idea # 376 Style Up the Mattress!


I missed a day yesterday.

A total DNP (Did Not Post). Sorry. And as for today, I am totally exhausted, fighting the flu and succumbing to the lolling sound of the rain……..zzzzzz.

Anyway….welcome back and thanks for your patience. I found this little gem and thought “Arhh Haa! How clever!” Hope it makes up for it.

What to do when you have a spare room that needs a little something? A space that people could sleep if needed, a space that looks as smart as the rest of your stylish home, a space that says “Hey, don’t use me as a junk room…I demand respect!” I say you style up a mattress!

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest


  • I personally adore the smart, clean lines of the long skinny cushions!
  • However if you are feeling suitably boho and lo-lo (to the ground) adding some Moroccan, Tibetan or Spanish flavored cushions would be spicy and delicious.
  • Yes, add the rug, yes, create a makeshift side table for glasses of water, magazines and a guest soap
  • Yes, hang the wall prints above at a height that works with the low proportions. Anyone caught hanging too high will be disappointed.
  • DO use a thick, quality fitted white sheet (or two) that is not going to show through any nana flowers prints underneath (You may also wish to consider other suitable colours such as grey, linen or navy)
  • If you have a bed and base (mattress with a base support) you could remove the wheels and create a similar look.
  • DON’T ignore this special space when visitors are away – day beds are a fabulous retreat.
  • PS- don’t you just love the way these prints are hung?????
February 14, 2012

Styling Idea # 367 Rich Tuesdays – A Moroccan Tour


Ok, it is no real surprise that Sara Chamberlain (me) wants to be a) rich and b) the queen of Morocco. We have been through both of these concepts many times before on FURNNISH and you, dear reader are always sympathetic to my fantasies (although, it would have been nice for someone to point out that I was using up two wishes when in fact the Queen  of Morocco is probably rich anyway…..oh well).

So, here on my return to Rich Tuesday’s I will give you a quick tour around my palace. (I am just being silly, but isn’t that what blogs are for??)

PS Thanks for reading my peeps!

PPS If your images are not lining up I am sorry, can’t work that out….won’t need to worry too much when I am the Queen I guess…others around to help with such tasks.

Richard Powers via Fabrik of Life

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February 6, 2012

Styling Idea # 361 Unmatching Bed Linen


I am writing this post from Wagga Wagga, NSW (a small country town for non-aussies). My car and a removalist truck hold all my belongings. It is weird to be disconnected from the pieces that make up your environment and I couldn’t help stamp my individual touch on the room I am staying in immediately. This was a simple as scarves draped over lighting in bathroom, a vase with flowers from the garden, my pot plant, a row of perfume bottles and my jewelry box. Home for now.

Making a space personal is always important and as a rule elements that you like will all go together in the end. Take this bedding for example….different prints and patterns on each piece and yet somehow it works in harmony.

Marcus Hay

Stylist Marcus Hay and Photographer Jonny Valiant.


  • Look for patterns and prints with complimentary palettes
  • Pick shapes and sizes that keep your eyeline happy and play to symmetry
  • If using stripes don’t mix with horizontal and vertical- keep them all the same to allow the space to open up for additional patterns.
January 19, 2012

Styling Idea # 350 Windows Inside


Oh my! What a delicious idea and why on earth is this not done more often? Windows (complete with window panes and window sills) inside.  Please please please???

Emmas Design Blog


  • I would love this idea from kitchen to sunroom, or like here from dining to living.
  • Think about this for internal hallways.
  • It would be amazing in a main bedroom to separate a bathroom or powder room.
September 30, 2011

Styling Idea # 286 Matching Cushion and Tablecloth


Yippeeee! The long weekend is here and I am off to Wagga to see family and friends and enjoy 4 nights of mum’s cooking! Given that last night was eggs on toast and the two nights before packet soup my belly is in for a treat. It has been such a busy week but I am pleased because I am feeling quite accomplished as a result and ready to go home and put my feet up!

Meanwhile – I am not so happy that Hawthorn are not playing the final this weekend but excited about the GF all the same.

Now as we have three days to enjoy this weekend do something a little luxurious but totally simple- cook scones! My recipe is flour and cream – THAT’s it!! Seriously – that is all you need. Sit back and enjoy with a tablecloth and cushion THAT MATCH! sweet

Be safe this weekend and enjoy a break xxxx

One Hour

August 31, 2011

Styling Idea # 263 Futon Bed


Well, after all of this we come to winter’s end. A friend who has been overseas in Europe for three months asked me last night “How was the winter?” …funny thing about time passing is that you quickly forget where you have been. Was it rainy? Yes. Was it cold? Yes. But it is hard to really say. I suspect at the end of summer however everyone knows what the weather was like….it is more fun to count to sunshine.

Warmer weather (wishful thinking I know…) calls for more relaxed styling. I love the idea of a low futon bed for no fuss, pile’em up approach to linen and sleeping.


  • Keep linen in layers of colours and prints but don’t be too formal.
  • Don’t try to arrange cushions and European pillows- this option is more streamlined and less formal.
  • Do take the time to tuck in the edges – it is so important to the lines and silhouette that sheets and linen do not hang to the ground.
  • Think about quirky prints for this – you can have fun with something a bit pretty.
  • Keep your side tables and lamps in the right profile- low and balanced. I love the idea of the lamps attached to the wall like above too.
August 30, 2011

Styling Idea # 262 Rich Tuesday Printed Settee


If you really want to evoke a Parisian feel (yes, this is for my house in Paris) then you must look seriously at a settee- and I would advise upholstering in a fabric with a bit of personality and a lot of restraint. Floral is too predictable however a magical modern black and white print is perfect.

From the Right Bank


  • Style with colour block cushions and a coffee table stacked with colorful spines.
  • Ensure that you are balanced with other prints- this colourful ikat is so cheeky and could have been a risk but it works a treat.
  • Artwork hang nonchalantly and includes only real gallery pieces.
  • Roses roses and roses only. Serve with tea.
May 31, 2011

Styling Idea # 201 Bench Seats with Tray Table


Cold days are supposed to be about sitting around and sipping tea. Not going to work and needing coffee. We have got it all wrong!

I love this simple little way to had personality.

Absolutely Beautiful Things


  • I love that these bench seats have been left just far enough apart to add a small tea tray- so simple but excellent styling- not to mention functional to boot.
  • Note that this images uses a rug on the floor and on the wall- I’m a fan.
  • Mix patterns in the cushions and make sure there is enough to be comfortable.