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February 21, 2012

Styling Idea #372 Painted Mirrors- Muted Tones


I spent all day yesterday compiling a competitive review for my commercial finance application. The day was finished with a trip to my lawyer to discuss business company structures and personal liability! Phew…due diligence for business planning you could say!

Anyway…you could also say that I am a bit “paint” obsessed with Styling Ideas lately….bookcases, doors and now ….mirrors! How unoriginal of me! However, I do like simple things that make a big difference. In real life that is my styling mantra (in blogging life I often have more money, more resources and more space).

So, if you are achieving the old layered or repeating effect in a room (taking a colour and using it elsewhere in the space to connect elements) try a slick of paint around the mirror- love these muted colours. Reds, taupe, cinnamon, grey, lilac, burgundy….keep them warm.

Source: via Helana on Pinterest


  • I would love to see this anywhere the wall size will allow for the statement- entrance, outdoor entertaining, walk in robes, hallways!
  • I love the softer colours however don’t hesitate to use the idea with a bright! Even a pop of colour in a muted room would be delicious.
  • If you have a small stack of old mirrors paint all the frames the same colour and lean them together on the wall or on top of a cabinet.
  • Children’s room would benefit from primary colours that pop.
February 14, 2012

Styling Idea # 367 Rich Tuesdays – A Moroccan Tour


Ok, it is no real surprise that Sara Chamberlain (me) wants to be a) rich and b) the queen of Morocco. We have been through both of these concepts many times before on FURNNISH and you, dear reader are always sympathetic to my fantasies (although, it would have been nice for someone to point out that I was using up two wishes when in fact the Queen  of Morocco is probably rich anyway…..oh well).

So, here on my return to Rich Tuesday’s I will give you a quick tour around my palace. (I am just being silly, but isn’t that what blogs are for??)

PS Thanks for reading my peeps!

PPS If your images are not lining up I am sorry, can’t work that out….won’t need to worry too much when I am the Queen I guess…others around to help with such tasks.

Richard Powers via Fabrik of Life

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February 10, 2012

Styling Idea # 365 Mirror on the Floor


Oh, dear…I am sorry I am late today. (New comers- this is not my style. PS thanks for following)

Slept in majorly and had to run to the hairdresser (peanut butter toast in hand). When I got home from the salon the nice “molten brown with suitable variations” I had requested looked more Cruella De Vil than I had expected.

Dang….back to the salon I go to say “it’s a bit stripy here, here and WTF is this bit here?” …..No matter how nice you intend to sound telling someone that they have done a crap job always feels harsh…..blah blah blah… Brown hair with nearly no variations….Complete.

It does feel a little underwhelming that today’s post is #365 because I have been posting since Aug 2010….but weekends really add up I guess. Meanwhile, shopping for a floor length mirror yesterday I was shocked to find that they are nearly extinct in homeware stores. What is that about? Grab one this weekend before they disappear completely. Big, bold and the perfect combination of practical and stylish. Me love.

January 5, 2012

Styling Idea # 340 Pendants and Mirror in Kitchen- oh my!


Yesterday I said you could hang a mirror low to the ground, now I am suggesting hanging it in the kitchen.

Well, I never! This person must seriously be related to my mother otherwise how on earth would they know that mirrors and pendants are completely acceptable anywhere- even over the kitchen bench. What a joy.

Check it out here at Stil Inspiration 

Stil Inspiration

Stil Inspiration

Stil Inspiration


  • This is a perfectly acceptable way to do a small kitchenette if you are renovating
  • Marry palettes together if you are trying to create spaciousness, if you are a bit more daring you could opt for printed shades or perhaps a feature colour around the frame of the mirror. If subtle is not your style try a bright colour on the frame and consider painting the legs of one of the chairs in the same hue.
  • Don’t worry if the mirror looks “un-kitchen-like” it is fine to use any style….except ugly
  • Play with other streamline spaces like desks or built in cabinets that are looking dull and dated.
  • PS Don’t you just love the checked chair!!
January 4, 2012

Styling Idea # 339 Low Hung Mirror Arrangement


I think it is un-Australian to have to work when the test cricket is on. Also, when the Australian Open Tennis is on. Everyone should start work again in February. Just saying.

Anyway…in other news I am loving this arrangement with the mirror hung low on a high wall. It is great for shorties like me but allows the wall to appear perfectly balanced. Do you have a large wall that you are not sure how to tackle?? Consider something like this – otherwise you need to invest in something massive (read expensive).


December 1, 2011

Styling Idea # 318 Runner Along Bed


After a dreamy, long sleep listening to the sound of rain I was lucky enough to sleep in today as I don’t start until 10am! Gotta love a mid week late start. Although it does afford you the extra time to do good things, like exercise, I opted for the extra good things, like pancakes. I thought this little story had a nice link with the play on word title of this post “Runner along bed” – kinda doesn’t make sense until you see the picture.

One Hour


  • The beauty of this styling idea is creates the illusion of two things- 1- extra space. 2- segregation. Both of which are excellent things to achieve in the smallish spaces that are bedrooms.
  • You have two options- go with the palette of the room for a neutral streamline look or inject a new colour or pattern for fun.
  • I love that your eye is drawn to the dresser and mirror- don’t let this idea run to no mans land- have a destination at the end.
September 9, 2011

Styling Idea # 271 Books displayed pages side (not spine)


It is raining in Sydney this morning and for me that means the sound of rain on the tin roof out my window! I love love that sound and wish I could stay in bed to enjoy. On another random note (that is possibly relevant for this blog) has anyone seen the show 20 something? I watched it last night and it is such a real depiction of that demographic (yes, I am out of the group……just). The reason that I mention it here is because they are struggling to comes to terms with share houses- I love my flatmate and our awesome house and yet it baffles me that I am still renting and living with friends. When does the money start coming???

Anyway…today I want to celebrate books and share a nifty idea of turning all the busy spines away and displaying the pages facing out. Minimal colour maximum texture and whole lot easier to colour match.

Happy reading this weekend (I am secretly hoping the rain stays)



  • Great for when you haven’t got new beautiful spines
  • Great for busy rooms that don’t need any additional colour (like above)
  • Great for tonal rooms with earthy rustic colours
  • I love the idea of filling the fireplace if is old and ugly (and you are renting!)
  • Don’t miss the clever use of round mirrors in this shot! I posted this idea back at 195 – check it out
August 23, 2011

Styling Idea # 257 Rich Tuesday Closet ROOMS


I went shopping on the weekend- I forgot to mention yesterday because I wrote with one eye closed and the other dreaming it wasn’t Monday morning. So- what did I buy? Well, I actually went a bit crazy- 2 silk shirts, a Romance was Born Mini Dress, a Romance was Born blouse, a suit vest, a jumper, a watch, a clutch, a dressy singlet top and two pairs of heels. However my justification is this….I have been clothes shopping (properly- ie more than one shirt for work) twice this year! Once in Hawaii at Christmas time and once 3 months ago. I am a splurge shopper who spends endless hours in between hunting and whinging that I cannot find anything and than – MAGIC! Everything is what I want and on sale (I saved 1/3 off the total costs of everything). Success.

So, this being Rich Tuesday I have upgraded from previous posts on dressing rooms and spare rooms converted to wardrobes….cute but not exceptional. This is much more what I am talking about!


June 17, 2011

Styling Idea # 214 Afternoon Tea Booth


Yesterday was cold cold cold in Sydney. Seriously this weather has to pick up because I am not sure how long I can allow myself a “treat” because it is cold.My office has erupted into a sea of cupcakes, mint slices, croissants, cinnamon toasts and cups of hot chocolate- all because ‘it’s cold’. Not a great idea for the waistline. If I was sitting somewhere like this and enjoying the moment in a twinset it would be worth it but mindless office munching must end- pronto.

I hope you enjoy some afternoon style treats over the weekend- I’m off of to the theater and otherwise enjoying a rare weekend at home so I will tell you about that Monday xxx

Lonny Magazine


  • I know I know, I have a thing for booths- but this one was so cute I couldn’t resist
  • Who could ignore something that is such a great use of space- one could have a put an armchair and a side table or an afternoon tea spot for five.
  • This is the perfect solution for mini sized homes these days- where do you create a sense of drama if you don’t have the luxury of a formal living space??? Here!
  • I think that this space would get used about 10% of the time for more than one person, 30% for a solo reader and tea sipper BUT it will look incredible and set the scene for the whole room 100% of the time. Worth it
  • I love the use of contrasting fabric on the chairs and the bold stripes on the upholstery. The colour and pattern combinations are endless so don’t be boring. Mix dainty with bold, stripes with florals, brights with neutrals.
  • This is one place I would not advocate cushions- keep it clean.
  • Are the tables too small for trays of scones? Maybe. If you are keen to expand the table top surface area look for a glass top table with similar finishes or even a modern perspex looking table would blend well.
  • PS please don’t ignore the perfect drapery in this shot- I may be an advocate for booths but I am about to get really big on window dressing- curtains are like a Hermes belt- expensive, not really necessary for their intended function BUT incredibly beautiful and important and creating a space that screams money and a designer eye.
June 15, 2011

Styling Idea # 212 Trick for Blank Walls – Curtains and Mirror


Blank walls at times are delicious. Simple and timeless.

Other times you want something that looks layered, whimsical, full of character! Layer a console, a mirror (to the ground) and a curtains over a non-existent window- voila.