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May 15, 2012

Styling Idea # 424 A Desk & Two Chairs


Working at home means I am always looking for ways that I can make a home office look different, exciting or modern. Not that I can change it everyday but I love seeing ideas that are simple to implement. I am keen to use my Ercol Chairs as a dining table setting but if at first I cannot I would love a long skinny desk and a second a chair. Not that anyone would be using it but it looks good! (meanwhile I am always hoping for a business partner so if you want to pull up a chair let me know!)

Look out for cheap dining chairs or stools- 2 is less expensive than a full set at times and you can display them along a skinny desk with pride!

March 29, 2012

Styling Idea # 397 Storage Wall


The wonderful Apartment Therapy has is launching the Small Cool Contest again. If you are not familiar with the concept they invite submissions from different size categories (Teeny Tiny, Tiny, Little, Small and International) and readers vote on the best use of space. Such a brilliant concept and the rooms and ideas never cease to amaze. I will be most likley following the voting and sharing some clever cat ideas as they come through.

I am especially impressed with the calming effect of this lovely curtain covered storage unit. Space to boot and minimalist lines when it is all closed up. Wonderlust!

Do we have any Australians keen to enter this year?? Please let me know if so…..I will be sure to vote!

March 1, 2012

Styling Idea # 378 Gold Trims


Ok…I am predicting a major gold revival!

Interiors have been awash with silver and its shady cousins (grey, chandeliers, crystal, mirror furniture) for too long! Let’s get for gold (I honestly was not meaning to create a pun) and embrace this new hue along with brass, wood, leather and a pop of brights!

February 15, 2012

Styling Idea # 368 Colored Bookcases


If I had to fit all of these styling ideas into one house could you imagine the chaos! And the beauty?

Some ideas are totally impossible and larger than life, others (my goal is for the majority to fall into this others category) are for simple and clever ideas that you really use.

Maybe….. colored bookcases. Try them horizontal and near empty or vertical and stacked. Pick a colour that is no where else in the room or find something subtle from artwork, rugs or cushions to play up the repeat factor. Have fun with this one.

February 3, 2012

Styling Idea # 360 Black and White Spines


Well, I am pleased to say the packing was less stressful than I had anticipated and I managed to break it up with a long lunch with friends and delicious dinner at Orto Trading Co. If you must work you must dine I say!

So, after moving you may imagine that I would bemoan the purchase or any more books…ever! However, this is too smart and stylish to pass up. Of course we have seen colour coded before but the smart placement and the simple lines make this even better!

Found via Emmas Design Blog pinterest- check it out 

Emmas Design Blog

January 30, 2012

Styling Idea # 356 Dresser in Bathroom


I can honestly say I have just finished one of the best weekends all year. A perfect mixture of:

  • Long dinners (Oscillate Wildly)
  • Australia Day celebrations
  • Drinks at the local (The Hive)
  • Cheap and cheerful mexican (El loco – Surry Hills. Yes, you should)
  • Cocktails at the regular (Pocket bar. Yes, you should)
  • And treating myself to the ultimate Christmas present treatment at Jo Malone. 

It is fair to say on reading this list that I ate a lot, drank a lot and have reasons for sore feet (dancing to 3am anyone?). What is kinda crazy is that I enjoyed the luxury of a Jo Malone fragrance consultation (with champagne included- as if there was not enough alcohol already?) as much as the cold sausage sandwich in the late hours of Australia Day. Happy with luxury and happy with the little things I say!

Today (after all of that) I will pick luxury….


January 24, 2012

Styling Idea #353 Belted Magazines


Sometimes I see something for the first time. It is rare…but always a delight if it is clever.

Case in point….belting a pile a magazines! What do you think?

January 18, 2012

Styling Idea # 349 Wardrobe Behind Bed


Have I told you I am moving? Perhaps not, and I am sure you will hear plenty about it in the comings weeks! Look out Melbourne I am coming home- yeah.

The reason that this is relevant is my flat mate is looking at taking over the room I now have and she will need some storage (attic style bedroom without wardrobe = tricky). I have managed to create a dressing area complete with exposed clothes rack. Do you think you could live with your clothes on display like this?? It is an excellent way to use the space- maybe some soft draped fabric could hide the clothes?



December 29, 2011

Styling Idea # 336 Fabric Coloured Cupboards


Well, I thought I best pull myself away from the cricket for just a moment and post on this glorious summer day! Please dry warm weather follow me back to Sydney. I hope your holidays are joyful joyful joy!!

I must say it is post Christmas “giving” and “eating” that storage becomes a hot topic- where to put EVERYTHING!!! Don’t forget the ease and beauty of a printed fabric draped over any open cupboard…kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, laundry or pool side! Hide jumbo cane baskets behind or clever storage draws and cover up with style.

Fantastic Frank