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February 7, 2012

Styling Idea # 362 Windows to the kitchen


If you have hours on end to spare you should totally be visiting pinterest! I personally don’t think I have ever had so much fun. It is my idea of heaven, easy yo use, endless eye candy and quick responses from the pinning community. Please be warned if you have a job, children, animals, partners, pot plants or anything else that may demand your attention in the next 48 hours this site is addictive!! (although it is a great weight loss strategy as you will forget to eat). Ok, I am sure you are sensing my love this site.

Follow the link to the credit for the below shot or you can sign up and follow me

If you don’t have time for that (I have heard some people have jobs- what is that again?) please take my advice and build some glass windows  into your kitchen. I guarantee improved cooking skills.

September 30, 2011

Styling Idea # 286 Matching Cushion and Tablecloth


Yippeeee! The long weekend is here and I am off to Wagga to see family and friends and enjoy 4 nights of mum’s cooking! Given that last night was eggs on toast and the two nights before packet soup my belly is in for a treat. It has been such a busy week but I am pleased because I am feeling quite accomplished as a result and ready to go home and put my feet up!

Meanwhile – I am not so happy that Hawthorn are not playing the final this weekend but excited about the GF all the same.

Now as we have three days to enjoy this weekend do something a little luxurious but totally simple- cook scones! My recipe is flour and cream – THAT’s it!! Seriously – that is all you need. Sit back and enjoy with a tablecloth and cushion THAT MATCH! sweet

Be safe this weekend and enjoy a break xxxx

One Hour

September 14, 2011

Styling Idea # 274 Fringe Table Cloth


I have just finished reading “The last time I saw Paris”. It is a simple novel but worth a read and made me want to move to Paris. I know this room is from British HG however it feels so Parisian AND I am on the hunt for a fringe tablecloth- who knew such a gorgeous idea existed?

Seriously, I love this falling all the way to the ground with a mismatched selection of chairs. If you cannot live in Paris……at least put a chandelier in your kitchen and pretend.

British HG

January 27, 2011

Styling Idea #109 Tablecloths


Yesterday we enjoyed an amazing beach Aussie Day. Surprising this is really the first time I have spent the day at the beach for Australia Day and now it will not be my last. Picnic blankets, BBQ, esky’s – we were fully equipped for the day! A little picnic table complete with tablecloth would have helped when it came to eating salads off paper plates!!

From Scandanvia With Love

Apartment Dreams


  • Summer is the perfect time to bring out the floral and brights with tablecloths.
  • Classic stripes and checks will look great in most rooms- try using them outdoor on on patios to add something different.
  • Try layering the tablecloths with different lengths and prints to create your own style or add different place mats for something unique.