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November 28, 2011

Styling Idea # 315 Cream Bathroom

Emma Design Blog


I really hate that I have missed two weeks! My internet connection trouble was only supposed to have me offline for a couple of days and here I am a 2 weeks later. Oh well, on wards and upwards- still 485 of these to do so 10 days out is not too bad.

So, what has been happening since I last wrote? Not much actually but I did spend a lovely weekend in Canberra celebrating an engagement. Lots of weddings, engagements and babies around at the moment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay somewhere special when you go to weddings instead of the usual hotel rooms? I’m thinking of something that could be booked out by guests and is designed to be an accommodation solution when you are at weddings? Powder rooms, baby sitting services, 2 hour dry cleaning, make artists, gift wrapping services, nail salon, handbag hire, hair dressers, late check outs, TV screens welcoming guests!! Wow- I am loving this idea.

You would have to make the bathrooms amazing. This image is more residential (althought it is from Babylonstoren, a luxury hotel in South Africa) but an amazing palette that I will certainly be taking inspiration from.

October 14, 2011

Styling Idea # 295 Arch Windows in Bathrooms


You will be reading this post whilst I am on a flight to regional Victoria – sorry for the prepared post, but a socialite must do what they need to do I guess! I am off to a wedding in the country- can you hear me smiling.

So whilst we are talking country and things that make me smile – baths are up there with the best. If you watched the (disappointing) Renovators finale you will have seen the gorgeous bathroom that looked out over the courtyard with an arch window (it may have been through the courtyard…but I only saw it quickly) anyway the moral to the story is it’s stunning!!

I hope your weekend brings friends, red wine and a chance to escape- mine will xxxx

September 23, 2011

Styling Idea # 281 Oversized Plant as Bedside Prop


Today is getting up to 27 degrees here in Sydney- not a good office day! I declare this an excellent day to skip work and play in the sun!

Or you could lay around in a room this damn cool! I love everything about this room- neutral palette with loads of texture, minimal pattern to hurt tired eyes, painting placed oh so casually on the bedhead, rustic wooden side table and OVER SIZED tree beside bed.

A place to sleep in ….everyday

Coco Kelley

September 20, 2011

Styling Idea # 278 Rich Tuesday- Butter Living Rooms


The ironic thing about recording and cataloging is that you can only capture a moment in time. All of the images I record here and the ideas I painstakingly select to share will one day be out of date. So 2000’s or so 2011! I can imagine a blog like this gushing over the latest dried flowers in the 80’s so somewhere along the line this will be a 4 year project that people snigger at and say “How did we ever like that?”

With that in mind some looks are timeless and some styles will remain beautiful. I predict the majority of the images I use in the Rich Tuesday segment will fit this bill. That suits me because I will be rich and I can return to the blog to pick ideas that I loved.

I will wrapping my living rooms in warm buttery yellow.

Elle Decor

Elle Decor

September 19, 2011

Styling Idea # 277 Paint the inside of your bookcase


I think it is always exciting when I find new ways to add colour. You see the balance of a few shades is all about what makes a room work. However, often it is hard to add colour in new ways. Here in a room of cream and beige and butter the stark black chairs are supported by the back of the bookcase! Incredible!

Just think…if you are renting you couldn’t paint the wall to get this strong block of colour but you can paint the inside of your bookcase and style it with enough space for the color to show through.

I think dark colours would work best chocolates, black, navy, green, mustard or raspberry!! But don’t forget soft mint for a bathroom cabinet (with rolled up towels and Jo Malone candles on display) or bright pink for a girls bedroom.

I don’t think I can over estimate how excited I am about this idea- I cannot wait to try it out!

Hopscotch and Grace

August 16, 2011

Styling Idea # 252 Rich Tuesdays


Sometimes Rich Tuesday is not about where I will live- but more about where I will holiday. Istanbul anyone? Check out  The House Hotel Bosphorus.

Book here should you wish….my passport is ready!

Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith

July 18, 2011

Styling Idea # 233 Coffee and Cream


Forgive me readers for I have sinned! Not really, but I did miss two days of posting last week. For the first time in almost a year. I just really really needed a break and refreshing feeling of rebelling and not doing something you are supposed to do. Although, no one left any messages so perhaps I got away with it.

Well, the good news is I am back and I have had an amazing weekend shopping for my new apartment so I approach this with new rigor. I did realize something thing weekend (which will not surprise you)…I really really love interiors. It is exhausting and overwhelming sometimes looking and buying and pondering and dealing with buyers remorse however there is nothing more entertaining to think about. Ever.

I would love to make some some changes to layout of the blog and invest more into it so if you are enjoying reading please let me know so I know I have some readers out there who will support me- feel free to pass the link on to others or join me on twitter. Like I have said before it is a bit lonely posting to the blogosphere so I hope you do enjoy reading!

Couch from Coco Republic, Image credits include One Hour Tumblr


  • Take inspiration from this divine Oly San Francisco- Dakota from Coco Republic and go for gloss and shine and matt and rich all in one.
  • Look for butter based creams with mustard tones and mix with chocolate hues
  • If you cannot afford a statement sofa like (arrhh- NO) think about creating this styling idea by peeling away all of the other colours and leaving only layers of these tones- any pops of colour here will stand out. That is ok but just be aware of the change of mood.