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March 20, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today: Styling Idea # 391 Bold Upholstery Prints


Good morning! I’m loving how this bright artwork inspired print pops against the dark grey. What fabric would you choose for a statement piece?? Pin it and let me know!

I found this image via Simply Fabulous Chic however I cannot retrace my steps to credit anyone else for the shot or the fabric – if you know please let me know!


February 24, 2012

Styling Idea # 375 Panelling Over Wallpaper


OMG- I spent yesterday meeting some of the most amazing, friendly and helpful (oops, forgot to mention talented) people at Life In Style in Sydney. I had the most encouraging 3 hours talking to people about my *business idea* – lots of support and encouragement. Will totally sit down after the weekend to sort out some shout outs but for now I am getting all dolled up for an 11am wedding! Sophisticated for a Friday don’t we think?

So… is fair to say I am feeling a bit visually-over-stimulated at the moment- so many ideas, designers, plans going around but still managed to see LOADS of potential in this idea…

Below it is all tone on tonal however you could go to town with prints that are bright, or paneling that is in neon, or each panel section having a different wallpaper….I mean really there are endless visions dancing in my head right now…I hope you can see them all! How would you do this one??

January 25, 2012

Styling Idea # 354 Grey and Leather


Well, this has never happened. I am not usually sitting down to post a 5:30pm…..too bad my Mac didn’t want to wake up this morning! It is raining in Sydney (again) but I am too excited about Australia Day and my dinner tonight to care!

Dinner tonight…

Oscillate Wildly- 8 course degustation and wine matching! YUM

Tomorrow: Australia Day

Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown…Goyte, Black Keys, Matt Corby, Florence, James Blake, Architecture in Helsinki, Radiohead, Boy and Bear, Bon Iver, San Cisco, Foster the People, Lanie Lane…it’s all too hard.

I am loving The Rubens right now…..listen. On repeat.

Ok…for some yummy eye candy for the stylish people…Source Design Attractor I would look at working this in easily with a mixture of grey woolen cushions and leather cushions…scatter on neutral lounge or white bedding. So masculine and sexy!

December 27, 2011

Styling Idea # 334 Grey and Latte Palette


Wow, it seems I missed a milestone on this blog- my 1/3 point. 333 x 3 is going to see this almost finished. I also missed a couple of days in the food and alcohol frenzy that is Christmas- wow- what a few days.

I hope you had an amazing and joyful Christmas- we had some wonderful family surprises, some struggling family moments and three days all in all of Christmas cheer. It can be such an overwhelming and underwhelming experience and it is hard to not get caught up in the wrong parts. I think my goal for future Christmas’s will be to focus on what really matters and forget about the little things that don’t.

If you need to get some quiet time over the coming days escaping to a bedroom of soothing colours will do the trick- I love this grey and latte palette for a timeless cocooning space.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Aubrey Road

October 28, 2011

Styling Idea # 304 Grey Sorbet


I felt like I hadn’t done post on palettes for a while- one of my favourite topics to post on. Too many colour combos out there to swoon over not to share. I have called this Grey Sorbet….what do you say??

Design Attractor

Aubrey Road

Have a wonderful weekend all!!

October 24, 2011

Styling Idea # 300 Daisy’s


Weekends should be made of flowers, food and friends. Have you considered daisy’s lately? If not, I would recommend it!

Be sure to buy two bunches -the vase should be brimming! Here on the ones on my dining table at the moment.

The trick will be to pull them out as they die – I am sure they will look more like this in a week!

Design Inspiration

October 21, 2011

Styling Idea # 299 Empty Space Picture


I wonder if you read my tip yesterday and if it resonated with you? Some of these styling ideas are immediately apparent and just stunning to look at – others take a bit more time to digest and need an intuitive mind to process. As you are reading this I hope you appreciate both approaches and get something out of both styles of post. Here is another post similar to yesterdays and relating the more “no styled” approach to styling.

The “do not hang picture here” picture….

Emma's Blog


  • I’m always a little bit sad when people shut down a styling idea because it is against the rules- this space is crying out for a picture to be hang in the empty space but it is the EMPTY SPACE that makes this so stylish and powerful.
  • If you meditate you will know what I mean about hearing the silence behind sounds and feeling the space in nothingness…if I have lost you here, sorry!!
  • Try to look at this image and feel the simple balance achieved by deciding to keep that space open, to reflect the light, to dictate the colour and to allow the strength of the arrangement below to shine through.
  • This plays right into Coco’s famous quote “Always take one thing off”….in interiors you can be bold!!

Your challenge this weekend- remove something from an overly styled space!!!

September 13, 2011

Styling Idea # 273 Lime Green and Grey


I make no apologies that I love posting PALETTES so much (for more palettes you know you can search the FURNNISH blog under palettes in the tag section?)

It is just beautiful to see what others have achieved with colour and when you see a new combination it can inspire so many ideas for your current space. Whether you are looking to upgrade the full space or have a base colour that is just not rocking your world at the moment use these palettes to think about accent colours. You only need the marriage of 2 or 3 colours and the room starts appearing in your minds eye.

Here I love love love the power of the lime green against textural greys. Also the green hue is repeated in subtle ways in the artwork and the flowers. Sometimes it pays to be considered with colour- however it should never look like you tried.

As the French  might say …..salut my belle!

Anya Adores

June 2, 2011

Styling Idea # 203 Cane & Black are able….


Whenever I write something personal that prompts a reply from my dear friends and readers I am always so surprised to see people are still reading. It is a strange this is blog land- lots of hours sitting up bleary eyed at 6am thinking- mmmm where are my creative juices today??

Thanks for the comments yesterday all xx

Ok- what is so great about this idea?

Black is fab, grey is divine, dark olive green is exciting, navy is the new black! So how do you lift these heavy colours in a modern way that doesn’t require prints or expensive sleek looking furniture? Because we want a modern, fresher feel than these first two options- right?

My answer is cane! Wicker! Shake it shaker style! Seriously these gorgeous textures and simple structures will pop against the dark colours.

The silhouettes will be given full display and the contrast between colours will give perfect harmony.

Just see how this chair and stool pop in the below image!

Black White and Yellow


  • Brighten the contrast in dark rooms with cane bedheads- arrhhh I’m excited excited I tell you – than add white bedlinen for sweet dreams
  • Look for neat repetitive weaves in cane and wicker in the perfect ‘teak’ colours- not too yellow and straw like please.
  • Dark bathroom? Cane washing basket and cane stool- so simple but sooooo good.
  • Pop with subtle references like ever green (I know plants are everywhere but they are good) and I would like to see the softest suggestion of a mustard or mulberry……rose gold?? People are you hearing me….can you see this?
  • Friends of the combo will include leather (patina baby) teak any wood stained black japan and knits in earthy shades.
  • Try not to use too much- stainless steal, silver or greys- this about wood = warm against the coolest of palettes.

Happy Thursday FURNNISH crew

May 9, 2011

Styling Idea # 179 Makeshift Outdoor Couch


Arh autumn.

So pretty yet so fresh. You want to sit outside with a book and a cuppa but it is not conducive to sit on you cold plastic chairs, right?  Here is where the makeshift outdoor couch is an excellent solution for your porch, veranda, sun room or balcony.

Emmas Blog

Take 2 x mattress and pile on top of each other

  • Wrap with old sheets, rugs and throws
  • Stack pillows and cushions against the wall
  • Add a cute mini side table – short enough to keep the feeling whimsical.
  • Add cactus, lantern, candles etc
  • Buy your favourite magazine and sit back with hot drink in hand.