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March 22, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today: Styling Idea # 393 Mauve and Metal


I am alway happy when I post on palettes. Having a great combo in mind is always the first step in styling. If the colours work the objects and shapes will just start to hold their own. Of course there are rules around balance and harmony but if you have the colours ready you can move and shift everything else.

Mauve and metal- has a nice ring to it and looks rustic, pretty and moody all at once.

Found via Pinterest- cannot find source- if you know please shout out!

Daily Dream Decor

Daily Dream Decor

January 25, 2012

Styling Idea # 354 Grey and Leather


Well, this has never happened. I am not usually sitting down to post a 5:30pm…..too bad my Mac didn’t want to wake up this morning! It is raining in Sydney (again) but I am too excited about Australia Day and my dinner tonight to care!

Dinner tonight…

Oscillate Wildly- 8 course degustation and wine matching! YUM

Tomorrow: Australia Day

Triple J Hottest 100 Countdown…Goyte, Black Keys, Matt Corby, Florence, James Blake, Architecture in Helsinki, Radiohead, Boy and Bear, Bon Iver, San Cisco, Foster the People, Lanie Lane…it’s all too hard.

I am loving The Rubens right now…..listen. On repeat.

Ok…for some yummy eye candy for the stylish people…Source Design Attractor I would look at working this in easily with a mixture of grey woolen cushions and leather cushions…scatter on neutral lounge or white bedding. So masculine and sexy!

March 24, 2011

Styling Idea #149 Purple Velvet


I woke up this morning to the news that Elizabeth Taylor died. How sad to think everyone grows old- not even beauty can live on forever. Her National Velvet role and violet eyes are the perfect inspiration for this post.

Bilinkoff Architecture

Interiors Porn


  • It shouldn’t work but it does. It is elegant, romantic and smart.
  • Mix with mustards, woods, grey, crisp white and raspberry!
March 2, 2011

Styling Idea # 134 Lavendar and Red


What is it about visual stimulation? How does this thing work? You look at something once and you may not even like it- it might be too fashion forward, or a re-hash of a style that you are not ready to welcome back yet. or it might just be because you are not at that stage of life yet. And then one day you see it and your heart sings, something awakens you LOVE IT!

Well, I have had a style shift. It is rather comical that it comes so close to my 30th birthday – like I have (dare I say it…..) grown up?? Oh- weird. Here is the thing. I think I am getting over vintage! OMG- all vintage readers will say. Here is how the love  affair went….

At first I was an impressionable youngster in a new city of cool called Melbourne. Melbourne will always be the most visually stimulating city in Australia and they love their vintage- colour, prints, retro cool, art deco meets swing 60’s meets roaring 20’s is all okay in one outfit in Melbourne town – they get it. This initial passion and fascination with my new lover was cemented in a city of cold nights and a wallet of $20. It made sense to clash and burn and spend as little as possible on the most coveted retro chair (because they are still exceptional design pieces and I will never deny that). Following Melbourne I went to hang out in the ultimate hipster scene – East End London. Hello Shoreditch, Hoxton, Brick Lane… you want to be snapped for the cover of my new album? Yes- this is an intoxicating melting pot of impeccable style and home more original vintage than you can possibly ever get back through customs on your way home to Wagga. (sob, as I remember the outfits that got left behind).

At this point my journey takes a very unexpected twist to the Gold Coast………(insert cars tyers grinding to a halt!) It was here that I lost all motivation about style. Really, I did and it is such a shame to say. The heat, the terrible shopping, the beaches sand, the boring job, the ugly people, the terrible landscape. It was like I had been placed on the set of the settlers where survival was the only thing that mattered. Here I experimented with hair.  I went from long dark locks, to short platinum blond to fire engine “Florence” red (fringe included- before her time BTW) in attempt to stamp my individual style on a city that did not get it. My wardrobe was mainly vintage and my furniture all second hand. I lived in the most beautiful houses and locations imaginable (I’m not martyr) but really who was investing in decor or design? This is a city that covets Guess as a brand- honestly!

So- it has been a passionate and heady relationship based on inspiration or necessity. It has been instilled in me from a thrift shopping grandmother, stamped on me in my excitable early 20’s, attached to some of my favourite travel memories and formed a large part of my development as an independent women and now I want ……, glam, classics and quality.

This blog is going to be such an interesting journey and a number of years it seems so it will be fascinating to see where I go and what trends and colours inspire me in years to come. Although, I do get a sense that my true innate sense of style is about to come forward as the authority. It started last week with a classic Herringbone shirt and it will go from there. I will always love colour and art and unexpected surprises in interiors- these spaces should always have a personality. However, I think I will skip the scratchy fabric, the odor removing spray and the attention grabbing clash of prints in favor of cashmere throws, quality design and soothing palettes.

From the Right Bank

February 1, 2011

Styling Idea #112 Painted Ceilings


When you are lying around relaxing you can start thinking things like “What colour would I paint the ceiling??”

Thoughts people??

Desire to Inspire

Interior Decline


  • Would you really do this idea?? I think it looks fabulous and dramatic and can really open your colour options and schemes.
  • Why not try this in an area where your ceiling surface is small to start- like an entry to an apartment- you could have a strong bold colour in a small space and you don’t spend your time hanging out in the entry way.
  • Use lots of white and mirrors or reflective surfaces down below to play up the colour and bounce around your light.
  • If you don’t want to have the contrast colour painting your ceiling one or two shades lighter than the wall colour works well to create a large space and give the illusion of a lower ceiling.

Would you try it?