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February 21, 2012

Styling Idea #372 Painted Mirrors- Muted Tones


I spent all day yesterday compiling a competitive review for my commercial finance application. The day was finished with a trip to my lawyer to discuss business company structures and personal liability! Phew…due diligence for business planning you could say!

Anyway…you could also say that I am a bit “paint” obsessed with Styling Ideas lately….bookcases, doors and now ….mirrors! How unoriginal of me! However, I do like simple things that make a big difference. In real life that is my styling mantra (in blogging life I often have more money, more resources and more space).

So, if you are achieving the old layered or repeating effect in a room (taking a colour and using it elsewhere in the space to connect elements) try a slick of paint around the mirror- love these muted colours. Reds, taupe, cinnamon, grey, lilac, burgundy….keep them warm.

Source: via Helana on Pinterest


  • I would love to see this anywhere the wall size will allow for the statement- entrance, outdoor entertaining, walk in robes, hallways!
  • I love the softer colours however don’t hesitate to use the idea with a bright! Even a pop of colour in a muted room would be delicious.
  • If you have a small stack of old mirrors paint all the frames the same colour and lean them together on the wall or on top of a cabinet.
  • Children’s room would benefit from primary colours that pop.
August 23, 2011

Styling Idea # 257 Rich Tuesday Closet ROOMS


I went shopping on the weekend- I forgot to mention yesterday because I wrote with one eye closed and the other dreaming it wasn’t Monday morning. So- what did I buy? Well, I actually went a bit crazy- 2 silk shirts, a Romance was Born Mini Dress, a Romance was Born blouse, a suit vest, a jumper, a watch, a clutch, a dressy singlet top and two pairs of heels. However my justification is this….I have been clothes shopping (properly- ie more than one shirt for work) twice this year! Once in Hawaii at Christmas time and once 3 months ago. I am a splurge shopper who spends endless hours in between hunting and whinging that I cannot find anything and than – MAGIC! Everything is what I want and on sale (I saved 1/3 off the total costs of everything). Success.

So, this being Rich Tuesday I have upgraded from previous posts on dressing rooms and spare rooms converted to wardrobes….cute but not exceptional. This is much more what I am talking about!


January 19, 2011

Styling Idea # 103 Coloured Chairs


I made the comment that the colours I wanted to see more of in 2011 were evergreen, pink, mustard, reds and oranges. I also said that I think black & white will (should) still continue high on our lust list. So how would you go about injecting one of these happy go lucky colours into your world? I plan on showing you some little ways.

Vogue Living


  • A brilliant quick and fresh way to add colour is one single chair
  • The beauty of this idea is that if you cannot afford a fairy floss pink Series 7 chair for real you can paint anything any colour you want! Find a chair that you like the shape of at ANY SECOND HAND STORE! Don’t look for ones that need upholstery we need to be able to paint. If the chair is wood you can strip it back, if it is veneer you can prime it and cover.
  • Use the paint colour you have painted your new chair to add colour somewhere else. Think of an interesting place that is not too obvious -skirting boards, inside cupboards, window sill, storage box!
  • Dont limit yourself to the colours I have suggested add colour in anyway with this idea.
  • Top off with a clashing cushion or bright wallpaper behind and you have a very smart styling feature.
  • Try this in the nursery with little children size chairs- cute!
  • This idea would work in the bathroom, the kitchen, the hall, the entrance, the spare room, the dining room, the balcony….i could go on!
January 5, 2011

Styling Idea # 94 Walk in Closet


I am in a style rut. I went back to do another catalog of my wardrobe (yes, readers I know we have been here before) but this time instead of trying the clothes on I did something I have literally never done before. In the spirit of a New Year I decided to iron and hang the contents of my closet. This so satisfying that I am dumbfounded that I have not done this before. My mother hates to iron and we had an ironing board set up permanently to iron on a needs basis (if it was close to okay we would generally err on the side of not ironing at all). Please note this is not an indication of my mothers incredible house keeper skills she simply doesn’t like to iron, so I have never had a wardrobe of ironed clothes hanging neatly for me to see.

And guess what I saw? Grey! Black! Navy Blue! Tonnes of it. Turns out that 65% of the tops and shirts in my wardrobe are these colours with the only other colours making an appearance being browns, greenish, dark purples or whites in various prints. How ghastly!!! I know I am a Melbournian at heart and I am probably suffering some mid-city crisis where I am getting over the hangover of the Gold Coast and not quiet embracing the shine of Sydney but this is ridiculous. No red, pink, yellow, turquoise, orange, green or light blue in sight! Not even the edible colours of peach, lemon, mustard, mint green or raspberry. Furthermore 30% of my actual wearing wardrobe is grey T-shirts, my PJs are mainly grey and my underwear draw is 100% black or grey. WTF!!!!!

So, I decided to look into this grey fetish. Apparently- “silver (grey for this purpose) is thought to be incredibly attracting of increased intuition and inspiration and you should wear something in this colour when wanting to get to the truth in situations. The colour silver represents intuition, imagination and female power.” Whatever. I am not sensing a whole lot of female power or imagination here! I need to go shopping for some kind of yellow sundress! Click here if you want to read more about the colours from the site I used

Don’t get stuck – get a walk in closet!!!

Living Etc

Stolen Inspiration

Black White and Yellow


  • Think about it- do you have any space anywhere where you can get your clothes on display? Can you shift your laundry to a cupboard and reclaim space? Can you make a wardrobe out of an odd shaped sun room or side of the house? Do you really ever use your office? I know I am putting a large emphasis on clothes but we spend a lot on them don’t we??
  • Get as much on display as possible without losing a sense of what you have available.
  • Consider sorting by colours- you might be sadly disappointed in the lack you have.
  • Get organized with shoe racks, clear boxes, stored seasonal pieces and accessories.
  • Buy something colourful to celebrate your new room or organised space!
October 21, 2010

Styling Idea # 50 Side Table Dressing Table


My room has to perform many functions- more functions that legally allowed for a 3 x 3m space but hey, what’s a girl to do? I know I have done dressing tables already but how cute is this idea- turn your side table into a dressing table.


Design Evolution



  • Simply by adding a mirror above the side table you have a dressing table so you don’t even need to buy a new piece of furniture – just a mirror and a small chair.
  • I love the use of the clear chair- it fades into the background. Also consider a mini stool covered in a bright or retro fabric.
  • Consider doing a male version on his side of the bed with a masculine chair, some books, a square mirror and a tie rack. He wont actually sit at it but it will be a nice masculine/ feminine styling touch.
  • Make sure there is enough space for your bedside goodies- if you cannot put your cup of tea down and a book you need to de-clutter.
  • The table lamp is cute but you could also consider some dramatic wall lights of a floor lamp to give you a bit more space.
  • If you have a draw keep it absolutely perfect when you it open it is should be a little haven of scarves, lipsticks, perfume bottles and everything that makes you feel nice and special. A cluttered draw near your head when you sleep is terrible feng sui!
September 20, 2010

Styling Idea # 29 Black Lace Curtains


I’m bringing back lace curtains.

If you were to see my list of things to bring back you would be horrified at my ambition yet hopefully optimistic that the contents is all worthy of a revival. Some of the best inspirations from fashion are in fact pure rehash and interiors are no different- we just need to remember that they never repeat they just rhyme. Think of lace curtains as the new double denim- you can’t believe you are doing it again but it is so good.

Rachel Whiting


  • DO look for plain flat lace that can be drapped without pleats- this will show off the pattern of the lace nicely
  • DO think about how you are going to drape this – it is best if you do not need to tie them back- let them hang casually.
  • DO look for the lace in different places- table cloths for example often have a nice see through pattern that when draped can look amazing.
  • DO think of other colours- yellow, pink or green would work well.
  • DO look for furniture that highlights the retro inspiration.
September 15, 2010

Styling Idea # 26 Retro Dressing Tables


Yesterday I was working with an incredibly talented and generous stylist (read her blog here) at a studio in Sydney and during our preparations she told me “Dita Von Tresse  is sitting in the studio cafe”. Naturally I go for a sticky beak because she is famous and because I am totally intrigued and impressed by this little pocket rocket of perfection. How can someone pack so much glamor into their small boned big breasted frame? (which, for the record is totally true- she is pint sized and amazing in flesh. No pun intended). She must have the pleasure of sitting in front of a perfect dressing table and preening herself in a space that inspires beauty to look this good.

Dita Von Tress

I have titled today’s idea Retro Dressing Tables (I will do a modern version of this styling idea later) and have taken inspiration from the 1940’s to illustrate the glamor of this period. However, this piece of furniture has been in and out of vogue since the 18th century so styles and references do cross over. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the original images in their black and white form!

1940's Dressing Table

Getty Images

Dressing Table with Tassels

Frill Desk Dressing Table

1940's Bedroom


  • I really love seeing the shapes and lines of furniture in original images and marveling, in some cases, just how little things have changed.
  • The last image was from a department store catalogue showcasing how to design a modern room- look at the day bed, side table and floor lamps- you can use all of these today! Not to mention a perfect dressing table.
  • If you think I am crazy suggesting you cover your dressing table in tulle I URGE YOU to check out this image from the wonderful blog Absolutely Beautiful Things– you will see what it can look like in reality and in today’s style.
  • Lamps play a big feature in styling your dressing table- I am personally a fan of the two side lamps, in 25 watts with a shade colour that gives off a soft yellow, peach, gold or pink glow.
  • Style your dressing table consciously – this is not a haven for all your junk rather a clean organised space displaying only essentials. Perfume bottles, lipsticks, candles and jewellery make the cut to full time display residents.
  • Think about your chair height. A low chair will feel a bit more special and less desk like, however it should have enough height for you to be able to cross your legs!
  • DO look on ebay for retro dressers- there are plenty of shapes to choose from. My favourite at the moment is the art deco style with an over sized round mirror (2nd image from top). These look at home in a retro room, modern room or over the top vintage style.
  • Think about your mirror choice- a mirror that is attached to the dresser is preferable but it should not be an oval with a tilt-able mirror- these look terrible. Choose from large round, three piece panels, or one central mirror. (A note on three piece panels- if the side panels are tilted you will see your side profile- if you don’t like your side profile stick to one central mirror- you must feel good when you are sitting at your dresser).
  • Finally, do get into a habit of sitting at your dresser- don’t leave it to sit in the corner whilst you use the bathroom. I picked up a retro dresser in Brisbane and it was the best $40 I ever spent.

Happy preening!

I hope you like the black and white references- something a bit different. Let me know your thoughts.