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May 16, 2012

Styling Idea # 425 Gallery Entrance


I have looked at ways artwork can be used to create an entrance before. Styling Idea # 210 was all about elaborate pictures and mirrors in a entrance and # 161 was artwork on the floor (in a way that a busy working artist would display- stacked and un-styled).

This image is how I would prefer it look. The over the top mirrors and prints would blow my mind, but not calm it as I enter my home. The stacked artwork would inspire me to be a more creative person, when I really need to be a more disciplined person. See where I am going here?

I simply adore photography!!! Love, love, love with a capital L and cannot wait to have a entrance of similar structure to display with love. The base is low so the prints are large! Have fun!

March 15, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today: Styling Idea # 388 Orange Check


As a born again Melbournian I have been spending a fair bit of time reading through The Design Files. It’s kinda like getting out and about and having a good shop without having to leave the comfort of your own home. (Although, cabin fever has set in and today I WILL be getting out and about to see these stores in the flesh). Anyway, I cam across these lovely images and wanted to this floor immediately.

Plantation coffee house was designed by Foolscap Studio in collaboration with Jennifer Lowe and Brooke Thorn. All the photos by Tracey Lee Hayes . For more photos and details of the project CLICK HERE. 

March 7, 2012

FURNNISH Blog Today: Styling Idea # 381 Kumquats


Yeah….Mum and Dad’s house didn’t drown in the floods! I am not even sure it got wet as the flood was due to water upstream not rain! Excellent news. Back to the blog now.

I saw this sunny image and thought it was such a nice twist on the indoor plant craze that is sweeping the world. I’m going to take a stab and say these are kumquat plants BUT if anyone would like to correct me I would be really relieved! I’m no green thumb peeps.

Anyway, what do we think? Is it too formal? I have a stunning larger than life black and white photograph in the background somewhere to keep it fresh and young. It sure would welcome you home I think.